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Complaints Procedure

It is Unicom's aim to always offer a high quality of service to all our customers. However, we understand that sometime things can go wrong, In accordance with our Regulators we are obliged to tell you about our complaints procedure.

Complaints can be made either in person, verbally or in writing (including email). Full details of the complaint will be taken and registered. If possible the complaint will be resolved there and then. If we are unable to settle the issue, then the matter will be handled by a member of the management team.

Sometimes we may need more time to fully investigate your complaint. If this is the case then we will provide you with the following information:

  • The name of the person dealing with the complaint.
  • A contact / extension number to reach that person on.
  • A reference number to quote in all future correspondence
  • A detailed summary of your complaint.
  • The complaint should be settled within 8 weeks, with a detailed assessment of our findings. We will provide you with one of the following conclusions (these are called our final responses):
    - We will accept the complaint and offer compensation, where appropriate, or other form of settlement.
    - We will reject the complaint, giving full reasons for doing so.
    - A combination of the above.

In the unlikely event we're unable to give you a final response within 8 weeks we will contact you and explain why we are not in a position to resolve the complaint, what investigations have so far been conducted and what future investigations we intend to carry out. We will also confirm when you canexpect to receive a further response. However should you be dissatisfied with the delay, you have the right to complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service and we will send you an explanation leaflet. Furthermore, you may be entitled to some form of compensation; this will depend on the type of business and circumstances of the complaint. 

We will consider the complaint closed when:

  • A final response has been sent detailing why we are rejecting your complaint.
  • The complainant has advised they accept our settlement proposals.
  • The complainant has failed to respond to us within 8 weeks of the final response.

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