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3 Tips For Getting A Motor Trade Insurance Quote

Are you purchasing your first motor trade insurance policy or looking to renew your current one? Help yourself to find the perfect level of cover – at an affordable price – by following our advice about what to look out for when looking for a new insurance policy.

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The best way to find a cheap motor trade insurance policy is to shop around. The first quote you get may not necessarily be the cheapest or offer the most protection, so getting quotes from a range of insurers will give you an idea of costs and insurance packages.

Nowadays it’s easy to get an insurance quote online by visiting the websites of individual insurers. However, to get a more precise quote on how much it would cost to insure your unique motor trade business, turn to the help of a specialist insurance broker.

They have inside-out knowledge of the industry, assess the individual needs of your business and compare policies from a wide range of motor trade insurers – helping you create a bespoke policy that best fits your business.

Check the level of cover, not just the price

When shopping around for insurance it can be tempting to settle for the cheapest price. But motor traders beware – the cheapest price does not necessarily provide the most comprehensive cover and saving money in the short-term could end up costing you much more in the long-term if something happens that you’re not covered for.

Many online estimates seem very affordable but they actually only include a minimum level of cover. Often you will need to make amendments to the original quoted policy before it is right for your business, which will bump up the price.

Getting a quote from an insurance broker, however, will make sure you get the right quote for your business from the outset.

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Looking for a motor trade insurance quote?

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Does your quote cover loss of income?

If an incident occurs that temporarily stops your business from functioning, it’s likely to cause significant financial disruption. That’s why you should make sure your policy includes loss of income cover.

Protection against loss of income prevents any serious financial damage while your business is unable to operate due to stolen tools, burnt out premises or damaged vehicles, for example.

This may not be automatically included on your policy, so discuss it with your insurance broker before you take out your policy.

To find out more about how an insurance broker can help you get the right level of cover for your business, give Unicom a call on 020 8805 7799.

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