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Motor Trade Insurance News

Do I earn No Claims Bonus on a Motor Trade insurance policy?

No claims bonuses are rewards for not making a claim on an insurance policy. This means that over time premiums become cheaper, reflecting the lower risk associated with the driver. No claims bonuses are available to drivers in the motor trade just as they are with private insurance, though there are some differences. Motor trade […]

Can i use my Motor Trade No Claims Bonus?

No claims bonuses in the motor trade work in the same way as with private insurance: they are earned. They’re also a great way to reduce your insurance premiums but how they work in the motor trade – and whether they can be transferred between policies – is a commonly confusing question.

Do I lose my no claims if i have had a traders policy?

The way no claims bonuses work in the motor trade, and whether they can be transferred between insurers, is fairly straightforward, with a few caveats. Many insurers will actively allow traders to move no claims bonuses from one policy to another, but it’s always worth checking the small print, and, if you’re in any doubt, […]

2019 UK Road Conditions

According to the latest research from the RACs annual ‘Report on Motoring’, nearly half of British motorists believe that the condition of ‘local’ roads, which do not include motorways or major A roads, have become far worse during 2019.

What will my car insurance cost?

Insurance policy costs continue to rise for many motorists, and given the current climate it’s worth reminding you how policy premiums are calculated. Insurance companies take a wide range of factors into account, not least the likely costs of any claims you may make, and how likely you are to make one in the first […]

How does motor vehicle insurance excess work?

All motor insurance policies come with a compulsory excess built in. An excess is the amount that an insurance company will withhold from any claim and which must be paid by the claimant. For example, if you are involved in an accident for which your insurance claim is £2,000 and your policy has an excess […]

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