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Motor Trade Insurance News

How to apply for motor trade plates

If you work in the motor trade, you can apply for trade licence plates, more commonly referred to as simply trade plates. A trade plate is a temporary registration plate which can be used on a vehicle while you are driving it for business purposes.

Are trade plates covered by insurance?

What are Trade Plates? Trade licence plates are used by the motor trade, including dealers of new and used cars, manufacturers, testers, body shops, mechanics, accessory fitters, valets and hire companies. They can be used by all eligible individuals and businesses, whether they operate full time or part time.

Green Number Plates for the UK?

Green registration plates are already clearly visible on the roads in other countries like Norway and Canada, they’re fitted to clean electric and hydrogen vehicles. Environmentally friendly low emission cars, vans and taxis in the UK could also soon be fixing the ‘green number plate’ after the government launched a public consultation on the idea. […]

Trade and Number Plate Fines

There are certain rules that apply to vehicle registration plates for cars and commercial vehicles, and failure to comply can lead to heavy fines of up to £1,000. Any motorist who drives with a dirty number or trade plate, where the registration is not clearly visible is liable to be stopped and fined by the […]

What are Q plates?

Just as a fingerprint is a unique identifier to any one person, a registration plate is a unique identifier for a single vehicle. Without performing a full search on a vehicle registration (maybe to find the tax rate or MOT history), a simple glance at a new or used car registration plate can provide you […]

Motor Traders Guide to GVWR

The gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) measures the maximum permissible weight of a vehicle. This comprises both the mass of the vehicle or trailer itself and the maximum load weight that can safely be transported on the road.

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