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British VW Customers ‘Taken For A Ride’

The VW emissions scandal continues into 2017 with millions of UK drivers still demanding compensation. The UK Minister for Transport, John Hayes, has been in talks with Volkswagen and is hopeful that UK VW owners will receive compensation.

In the US, compensation has now been awarded, with each VW driver affected receiving an average of £8,000. VW drivers living in the US have also recently been given the welcome news that the company is set to make an additional £810 million settlement.

So what about VW drivers in the UK?

Who can save VWSadly, the news is still not good, an estimated 1.2m drivers are still awaiting any form of compensation whatsoever. The UK government is under growing pressure to take action against Volkswagen and seek compensation in a similar way to those in the US.

Are drivers affected in the UK being taken for a ride? The UK motor trade industry has widely reported that VW owners are facing an uphill struggle when it comes to receiving compensation.

Mr Hayes, who is in discussions with Volkswagen over the matter, recently disclosed they have agreed to pay a total of £1.1m towards previous tests of diesel car emissions within the UK.

The findings of these test results reported toxic emissions were much higher than what car manufacturers had originally declared, in fact, some toxic emissions were 14 times the level originally claimed!

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When you buy a vehicle after taking it out for a test drive on trade plates, no matter if it’s a new or used car, you expect to be told the truth regarding engine performance, mileage and exhaust emissions.

Volkswagen is no exception to this rule, which is why the motor trade industry and UK government are pushing for the company to fix the emissions problem as quickly as possible, and award compensation to all those affected.

It was back in September 2015 VW admitted to installing devises that would record false emission levels during testing procedures. This falsification in emission data could also have a resulting and negative effect on the car owner’s road tax costs and insurance policy.