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Cover Your Motorbike as Part of Your Motor Traders Insurance

Cover your motorbike as part of your motor traders insurance

If you own a motorcycle but also hold a motor trade insurance policy, you may be wondering if it’s possible to add this to your existing coverage. The good news is yes: you can.

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The only prerequisite you need is to have been in possession of a full bike licence for one year or longer – and if you tick these boxes, then there should be no problem in adding this cover.

It’s important to bear in mind though that while some policies may offer cover equal to your existing policy, others may provide Third Party for motorbike coverage. However, if you are required to tax or operate a motorcycle then this is still helpful to have.

What type of cover is out there?

The type of coverage available is dependent on what the insurer is prepared to offer, as well as the different types of motorcycles – so for instance, some may not cover you on any cc engine size while others may operate restrictions, for example superbikes or anything to 600cc.

Quad bikes aren’t usually covered, but you should always ask your broker if it is possible to add it anyway. Another issue faced with coverage includes trikes, as some policies may not accept this – often requiring customers to seek out a more specialist policy.

Additional information

You’ll find that motorcycle cover can be added onto your current policy from approximately £100 up. One point you should consider is if you wish this coverage for your own bike or whether or not you deal specifically with motorbikes within the motor trade industry.

But should it only be for your own motorcycle, then please take into account that you will only receive trade value should an accident occur.

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