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Classic Cars & Today’s Prices

In today’s modern motoring world the classic car still holds a special place in all our hearts because of its nostalgia and heritage. The car industry is full of classic cars but many individuals believe that a classic car is unaffordable and that the insurance policy for such a car will be high, but this is simply not true.

When searching for both new and used cars it is always worth searching under the classic car umbrella, as you never know what you will find.

Why choose a classic car? Classic cars are fun to drive, make a welcome change to the modern car and can also be a wise investment. Below we share with you the Triumph Spitfire, Ford Cortina and Morris Minor. Do you remember them? Did you own one? Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Triumph Spitfire

Triumph SpitfireThe Triumph Spitfire is a British classic sports car that during its hay day in the 1970’s was one of the most affordable sports cars on the market. Many car enthusiasts loved this nifty sports car because it was easy to handle, incredibly quick and provided a smooth drive.

Ultimately though this car looked absolutely fantastic (and still does today). It is a car that simply oozes style. The Triumph Spitfire is also a much loved car due to its timeless elegance.

Motor trade price is around £5,000

Ford Cortina MK3

Ford Cortina MK3If you grew up in the 60’s 70’s then you’ll defiantly remember seeing the Ford Cortina MK3 on numerous popular television shows. This was one of the many reasons that the Cortina was such a popular car.

However it has so much more to offer than simply being a good looking car. This classic car comes with bags of space, which was one of the reasons that it was such a popular family favourite, and still is today.

The Ford Cortina was and still is incredibly affordable, mainly due to its various models. The basic L version is the cheapest model with the advanced E type being the most expensive.

Motor trade price for the L version is around £4,000.

Morris Minor

Morris MinorThis is perhaps a surprising classic car favourite. It is not particularly fast nor stylish, but it is ultimately loveable and it won the heart of the nation back in the late 60’s.

This was a much loved family car and was available as a saloon, estate car and even convertible. One of the reasons that the Morris Minor is such a popular classic car today, is that all of the parts are easily available.

Motor trade price starts from £5,000. Nearer £7,000 for a convertible saloon.

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Insurance and the classic car

HMRC class a classic car as being over 15 years old, but you may not necessarily need a classic car insurance policy. The type of insurance policy needed very much depends upon the value of car and your individual provider, so check your current car insurance provider and shop around for the best deals.

So when searching the ads for new and used cars, either online or in the local paper, do be sure to check out the classic cars section. The perfect classic car may be waiting for you at an incredibly affordable price!