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Do I Need a Licence To Be A Part Time Motor Trader?

Can I get insurance if I work part time within the motor trade industry?

If you have a full time job but have an interest in working in the motor trade business on a part time basis, then let Unicom help. The first thing you should consider is which sector to get involved in: either as a private motor trader or within the public motor trader industry.

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This is a top priority when considering a move into the motor trade business, as licences depend on this fact. Should you choose to opt to work as a private motor trader then a licence is not needed, but for those interested in public motor trade, then a licence is imperative.

Once you have set about gaining your licence, the next move is to then buy a lot to accommodate the vehicles you wish to trade.

I have my licence – what else do I need?

One factor you should take into account is proving that the policy holder for the motor trade insurance will only use this policy for motor trade purposes. Often you will need receipts that reflect your motor trading activities, with the appropriate receipts needed for the following:

  • Car Valeter Motor Trade Insurance. Examples include car shampoo and cloths, plus any contracted work for other businesses.
  • Mechanic Motor Trade Insurance. E.g. parts such as spark plugs and oil, as well as invoices on headed paper to confirm authenticity.
  • Motor Trade Insurance. Sold and purchased motor vehicles with receipts on headed paper. Any hand drawn receipts without official branded paper (such as company logo) may be dismissed by the insurance company.

Additionally, specialist evidence in the form of company accounts will also suffice as proof of trading.

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Is there anything else I should consider?

As part of Unicom Insurance’s services, our part time motor trade coverage also covers:

  • Stock of vehicles
  • Public & Employer’s Liability Cover
  • Multi-premises Insurance
  • Protection of personal vehicles
  • Vehicles in Transit Insurance.

A motor trade insurance policy with Unicom allows you to legally trade at auctions and provides protection against any related risks – and with over 20 years’ experience delivering the highest level of service for our customers, we endeavour to locate the policy best suited to our audience’s requirements.