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Drink Drive Adverts Target Young Men This Christmas

On December 1st the government launched its annual ‘Think Drink Drive’ Christmas campaign, urging people to seriously consider the hazards and dangers of drinking and driving. This year, the campaign is specifically targeting young men who drive new and used cars aged between 25 to 34.

According to recent shocking statistics provided by the Department for Transport, over a third of all fatalities on our UK roads are caused by young men.

Do not drink and driveThis year the ‘Think’ campaign will be posting new adverts every day throughout the festive period onto social media sites such as Twitter, Spotify and Facebook targeting this demographic, with over 5 million males within this age group already using Facebook.

The emphasis of the ‘Think’ campaign is that life is for living, and if you get behind the wheel of a car after having had that extra drink you may not live to see and enjoy another day. The motor trade industry highly applaud this initiative.

The research that was carried out by the Department for Transport found that drink driving accounts for a staggering 5 fatalities on our UK roads every week. The findings also stated that 20 percent of young men aged between 25 to 34 had got behind the wheel of a car after having had a second alcoholic drink.

A further 11 percent also admitted that they had thought about driving after having more than one drink.

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What is truly shocking is that the findings also revealed that 33 percent of all adults actually believed that having a second drink would not impact negatively upon their ability to drive safely. What has been proven by NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence), is having that second drink does indeed double the likelihood of the driver having a car accident that can result in a fatality.

The ‘Think’ campaign can be seen on social media websites until December 31st. Everyone at Unicom Insurance urge everyone to drive carefully this Christmas, and we strongly advise drivers of all ages, not to drink and drive. We also know that accidents do happen, so be sure that your car insurance policy is up to date.

Drive carefully and have a wonderful and happy Christmas.