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Driving Passion

When filling out an online dating profile, what’s the key factor in finding ‘The One’? Maybe brown hair is a must, or perhaps a sense of humour is critical. Do they have all their own teeth? Do they drive a yellow truck, 22 inch wheels and tinted windows?

Apparently, the type of vehicle you drive sends out certain signals about your romantic style. So next time you’re tossing up between new and used cars for sale, remember that the battered old three-wheeler could be doing you more damage than simply slowing down your travel time!

Convergence between the dating world and the motor trade makes sense, when you think about it. The clothes we choose to wear, the way we carry ourselves, even the way we speak: it’s all part of a constructed identity. When you jump behind the wheel of your silver Mercedes or British Racing Green Volvo estate, you are adding to the general impression of your persona, for good or for bad.

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Single lads and lasses, take note; these are the details discovered in the research carried out by Roadloans. (Unfortunately, the survey is only based on heterosexual opinions, so bear that in mind if you were hoping to snag a member of the same sex with the info from this poll.)

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According to the research…

Women like a man in a pickup truck, or a sports car (suggesting muscle or money, respectively). Sadly for fellas in minivans or mail trucks, they are bottom of the list with 2% and 1% of the votes. Keep on driving, guys!

Meanwhile, men like a woman in a sports car (probably because it implies a fun-loving side and financial independence).

Unsurprisingly, luxury brands also come out on top as the most attractive feature for men seeking women. When asked to envisage their perfect partner behind the wheel, blokes liked a woman in a BMW (16%), Mercedes (14%) or Porsche (10%). Women, on the other hand, were a little less materialistic in their choices, opting for the ‘everyman’ brand, Ford (16%), Chevrolet (13%) or Porsche (11%). Seems like Joey from ‘Friends’ was onto something when he went round extravagantly pretending to own a Porsche.

When it comes to colour, there’s a clear disagreement between the sexes. Red was the majority choice for men fancying women, with 40% of the share, followed by black, then silver. According to the survey, red signifies energy and pizzazz, and it traditionally represents passion as well. However, the colour to get women all fired up is not red at all, but black, with more than double the votes that men gave it, at 53%. Red is actually their least favourite option of the three, with just 13%. Black seemingly represents a rebel or aggressive personality, whilst it traditionally also suggests sophistication and class.

One thing both sides can agree on, though, is cleanliness. This is the most important factor for nearly half of all men and women, over and above reliability, interest, newness and price.

And remember, sometimes what you DON’T do is just as important. If you don’t want a large premium on your dating insurance policy, then best avoid some of these triggers! Vehicle-specific turn-offs included car dents and political bumper stickers, with cigarette butts in the ash-tray being the biggest no-no for both sexes. Rubbish on the seats came second, with terrible music pumping loudly from the speakers in third place.

So if you’ve found yourself dining alone recently, the key message is to stop off at a carwash before your next date. Maybe you’ll even find love at the pumps!