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F1 Season 2021

All eyes from the motor trade industry will be glued to the new Formula 1 season, which is the 72nd running of Formula 1 and now well underway. Lewis Hamilton won the opening round of the campaign which took place in Bahrain, below are some of the things you need to know about the significant changes and reasons to be excited about this new season and what is still to come.

F1 2021

Budget Cap
The global pandemic Covid-19 has led to a 12-month delay in the introduction of new-looking cars by Formula 1 but has at the same time hastened the need to further reduce the teams’ spending. This move can be attributed mainly to the reduced revenues that have been witnessed since the onset of the pandemic.

Additionally, the cost cap, which is based on a team’s performance and spending, was initially planned to be implemented this year, but negotiations that took place last spring ended with the new limit set at $145m, which is down from the original limit of $175m per year.

Subsequently, in future seasons more annual reductions and the possibility of a salary cap on drivers are set to follow.

Changes in Liveries
While the overall shape and design of the 2021 cars bear a considerable resemblance to the 2020 ones, the liveries across most of the teams are set to change. Teams like Aston Martin and Alpine have opted for entirely new liveries, with the former settling with an eye-catching shade of green while the latter changed to blue.

Ferrari hasn’t been left behind with their cars getting a slash of burgundy and green. No matter the race in this formula 1 season, fans will undoubtedly be treated to a beautiful and vibrant grid.

Reduction in Downforce
2020 might have given us the fastest ever Formula 1 cars due to the enormous amounts of downforce enjoyed by the drivers, but this is soon to change. For this new season, cars will have to reduce downforce, particularly at the rear to keep the lap times and speed under control.

FIA ordered the removal of the various slots poking out of the floors of the cars which helped direct airflow underneath the vehicle, creating stronger suction and offering more grip. Additionally, the surface area of the floors has been reduced to reduce downforce further.

It will be interesting to watch how the team designers battle to make up for the reduction in downforce.

Record-breaking Season for Hamilton?
The name Lewis Hamilton has become synonymous with Formula 1, this was further cemented after winning his seventh world title, which put him level with the great Michael Schumacher.

With the unconquered eighth drivers’ championship that will make him the greatest driver in the sport now within his grasp, all eyes are on him to see if he will crack under pressure.

Ferrari aims to bounce back
2020 Formula 1 season is one every Ferrari fan wishes to forget. It was the worst season for Ferrari in four decades as they slipped from title contenders to finishing sixth in the team standings. With a new chassis, engine, and the signing of Carlos Sainz, Ferrari will indeed strive to reclaim their former glory.

The Return of Icons
With more than two years away from the Formula 1 grid, Fernando Alonso is finally back. The two-time Spanish world champion is more than ready to broaden his racing horizons, having gone back to the team where he enjoyed his most success, Alpine, which was at that time referred to as Renault.

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With more than 20 years’ experience under his belt, he is one of the drivers to watch out for this season. Also, British racing icon Aston Martin is finally making its way back to the Formula 1 racing scene after spending 61 years off the grid.

Set to Become The Longest Season
With a total of 23 races set to take place across five continents, the 2021 season is going to be the longest in its entire 71-year history as long as the Covid19 situation is managed adequately.

Whether you are in the motor trade industry, or your only interest in vehicles is shopping around to purchase your next insurance policy from the cheapest motor insurance broker, or maybe you are one of those people that just really love cars and sport, the 2021 Formula season is definitely one to watch as drivers and teams battle it out for that top spot again.