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Fill Up And Go Petrol Pumps App

A new way of paying for your petrol has been unveiled at Shell service stations. “Fill Up and Go” offers motorists the ability to simply scan a code using Shell’s mobile phone app, and then fill up as usual – the fuel is then paid for directly through PayPal, meaning that motorists no longer need to either go into the shop to pay, or use their credit or debit card at the pump.

Petrol PumpsThe main rationale behind this new method of payment is to speed up transactions on the forecourt, and is aimed particularly at motorists who want to avoid payment queues, and who don’t need to go into the forecourt shop for any other reason.

An estimated 50% of motorists only use a garage for fuel, and speeding up the process is likely to improve customer satisfaction.

The process appears very straightforward – once you’ve arrived at the garage, open Shell’s motoring app, select Fill Up and Go and follow the instructions on your mobile phone screen.

The attendant will be notified that you have authorised a payment and you will then be authorised to buy fuel.

You will be billed electronically through PayPal for the amount you’ve dispensed. The system will also send an electronic receipt if you require it for your records.

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Naturally the service is only available to smartphone customers, and is not intended to immediately replace pay at the pump systems.

However the advantage down the line is that should most customers adopt the new way of paying, there will no longer be any need to upgrade the expensive pay at pump terminals.

Drivers have indicated that the process works very well and that the app is responsive and usable while sat in the car prior to getting the fuel. The mobile app system is now in place at hundreds of Shell garages and forecourts nationwide.

This new innovation is the latest in a series of positive headlines for the motor industry.

Sales of new and used cars continue to rise each month, and the strong pound and low oil prices mean that fuel costs are at their lowest level in a long time.

It is a relative boom time for the industry at a time when many services are seeing cutbacks and slower sales growth; although motor trade insurance costs and private policies have risen over the last 12 months, with more cars available on trade plates and fuel costs low, this is a great time for both motoring businesses and consumers.