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Finding the Best Registration Plate in the UK

Love them or hate them, personalised license plates catch your attention every time. Sometimes, they’re a little too personal and at others, they can force a smile from the grumpiest of roadsters.


Taking a look at a few famous registrations from the UK, we’re trying to find the formula to a great plate. With your help, we might just be able to discover a champ.

Famous License Plates

1. Chelsea’s multi-billionaire owner Roman Abramovich, has the license plate VIP 1 in his possession. He is undeniably ‘very important’ to the success of Chelsea FC but priced at £285,000, this reg is just making us feel blue.
2. British magician Paul Daniels has MAG 1C on his Bentley but he’s not tricking anybody here, this is a bit ‘yawn’. We’re looking for self-deprecating jokey plates Daniels – not a one word summary of your profession.
3. Robbie Williams went along the right lines when he got S8 RRY on the back of his Ferrari. It was allegedly an apology to his fans, for forking out so much of his earnings on the vehicle.
Comedy License Plates

When it comes to humour on the front and rear end of the car, American drivers just seem to go that extra mile.
1. When you’re behind a convertible BMW with the registration BLOND, that’s okay. When the letters are upside down, it’s genius.
2. The plates Last RYD and UR NEXT have been spotted on a couple of funeral cars in the States. They’re inappropriate and slightly controversial to say the least…but they’re kinda funny. Touché.
3. Similar to the Robbie Williams dilemma, how do you justify buying a Ferrari – like, really? Well, you could slap a license plate that reads HI DEBT on the back and make everyone chuckle, which is exactly what one indebted motorist decided to do in the US.

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This is a very small handful of quirky reg plates and no doubt you’ve seen some beauties on the road.

best reg plates in the UK

If you’re one of our motor trade insurance clients, we’d love to see some of the classic plates that end up on your forecourt. Get in touch and send us your nominations for the best in the UK – together, we will find the real Number 1.

Fact: The actual number 1 licence plate was sold to a businessman in the Middle East for over $14million.
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