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Garage Insurance – Are you Covered for Everything?

Many people use their garage to store much more than their car and items stored in your garage can easily add up to thousands of pounds without you even realising. Just think about your expensive gym equipment, power tools, bikes or patio furniture – could you afford to replace all that if it got stolen or damaged?

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The biggest mistake that homeowners make is assuming that items stored in their garage are insured under their home insurance policy. If they’re not, you may need to take out a separate insurance policy to protect them from fire, theft, flood or any other damage. Items worth more than £1,000 each may even need to be individually listed on the insurance policy to ensure they are covered.

How to protect the contents of your garage:

While getting a garage insurance quote is highly recommended, it is also advisable to take extra security measures to protect the contents of your garage. After all, prevention is better than cure and if something should still happen to the contents of your garage, you can use your garage insurance to replace them.

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You may even need to have certain security measures in place – such as a secure lock – for some insurance policies to be valid. Follow this simple guide to keep the contents of your garage extra safe:

  • Invest in a good lock that can’t be easily broken.
  • Make you’re your garage door hinges can’t be easily screwed off.
  • Fit extra locks on drawers and cupboards to create an extra barrier to thieves.
  • Ensure all windows are properly secured.
  • Don’t leave things lying around in your garden – if you have a well-secured garage, use it!
  • Consider extending the burglar alarm on your house to the garage.
  • Install a motion-activated floodlight to deter thieves.
  • Switch off all appliances to avoid electrical fires.

Take photographs of all expensive items to speed up the claiming process if anything happens.

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