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Google Teams Up With Car Makers for Android Dashboards

Google have got their eyes on your car. Specifically, if you drive an Audi, Hyundai or Honda – or if you have plans to drive one of these cars in the near future. If so, then you have just automatically become part of their exciting new strategy for the coming year.

Google have announced plans to integrate their Android operating system into the dashboards of Audi, Hyundai and Honda cars to improve infotainment systems, making a smoother process for your in-car technology.

This would mean apps and music on Android smartphones and tablets would be able to work better with the integrated dashboards, resulting overall in a better driver-optimised experience.

Google opened up their announcement about the technology by saying in this ‘multi-screen world, switching between our devices should be easy and seamless’ and they are trying to bridge that gap by tying up with car manufacturers to provide the Android dashboard system.

The simple fact of the matter is that people spend a lot of time in their cars. In fact, it was estimated in 2009 by the Arbitron National In-Car Study that the average American spends 2 hours and 38 minutes per day in their car – and they will frequently use their technology within it.

So it is the next logical step for someone like Google to step up and introduce an integrated solution for this area of people’s lives, providing a consumer experience they can deliver to improve their day to day lives in their cars.

People most often use their smartphones these days to use apps, auto navigation systems and music, amongst other things. Although some cars do offer built-in infotainment systems, the difficulty with them is that they can often be expensive, and yet they will often run off DVDs instead of the internet, so will involve a trip to the dealership for updates.

Having an Android dashboard system in place would mean that real-time updates as well as apps could be provided via the internet – and often for free, preventing timely and costly trips back and forth for the car owner; automatically presenting a more attractive option to drivers. however, remember to never use your mobile while driving as it could potentially invalidate your insurance policy.

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It was hoped that we had been able to catch a first glimpse of the technology at the Consumer Electronics Show (or CES) as it is widely regarded as providing main themes in technology for the coming year.

However, despite this there was a lot of disappointment after the android systems were a no-show at the event, but it is generally thought that Google are saving themselves for one of their events to reveal the first glimpse.

Whenever that is, it will surely be a huge step for both automakers and drivers alike, as Google attempt revolutionising the infotainment system within cars.

When these updates are integrated, the media and hardware system aimed at improving driving experiences looks set to be even more than that – bringing together various aspects of people’s lives through their devices and via the unifying dashboard system.

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