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How Can A HPI Check Help UK Motor Traders?

HPI Checks are a comprehensive, reputable history check for UK registered vehicles. Introduced in 1938, it was the first of its kind on the market and today they are the number one choice for motor traders. They can be carried out on used cars, used vans, motorcycles and trucks.

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The check provides several types of information to buyers, dealers and insurers. It will provide details of outstanding finance and inform buyers if the vehicle has been reported as stolen, cloned or written off by an insurance company.

If the car or van has outstanding finance, as one in four checked by HPI in 2010 confirmed, this means that the seller is the registered keeper but does not legally own it. If payments are stopped, then the finance company have the right to take it back.

Not all history checks provide finance information – HPI does. Likewise, if it has been reported as stolen then any new buyer will not legally own it – it still belongs to the original owner and the police can seize the vehicle leaving the buyer out of pocket

Cloning means that the car, van or motorcycle is disguised as a different one. HPI, unlike other checks, cover cloned automobiles in their guarantee.

Cars, vans and bikes that have been written off are placed in one of four categories. A, B, C & D, depending on the severity of the damage depends on the category the vehicle is placed in. The HPI check will be able to provide details of the category if the vehicle has been written off.

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An HPI Check will also notify buyers if the car or van has been clocked, where the odometer has been tampered with, and will confirm various details, such as make, model, colour and engine size.

All these checks ensure that it will actually belong to the buyer and has not been modified. As one in three checks by HPI revealed a hidden history this could turn out to be very important.

HPI obtains information from different sources, including DVLA, the police, insurers, lenders and garages. All that is needed to check if the car or van is the registration number.

A check conducted by HPI can provide more information than just the history. It can also give the buyer other valuable information, such as fuel economy and road tax, as well as technical information, including specifics on speed, horsepower and dimensions. All this helps to build up a detailed picture of what you are buying.