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How do I Update my Motor Trade Vehicles to the Motor Insurance Database?

What do I need to do to amend my Motor Insurance Database record?

Once you have your motor trade insurance policy, the first thing you will be required to do is provide your insurance broker or insurer with the relevant information regarding your vehicles – applying both to your own as well as stock motors.

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When arranging your motor trade insurance policy ensure you ask the relevant authority (insurance broker/insurer) how exactly you wish to display your vehicle information.

What is the Motor Insurance Database (MID)?

Uninsured drivers cost the UK motorist industry a staggering £500 million each year, so in order to combat this issue both the insurance industry and the motor insurance bureau (MIB) came up with the motor insurance database (MID). Designed to help chase cross-border claims, this initiative also helps with the enforcement of mandatory UK motor insurance requirements.

When should I update the MID?

As soon as you have purchased a vehicle, you are given 14 days’ notice until you must update the MID. Should you need to drive a vehicle that is not on the MID, then it is highly recommended you carry proof of your valid motor trade insurance – but please note, the Police are within their rights to impound your vehicle during the 14 day restriction even if you hold valid proof of your motor trade insurance.

Which motor vehicles need to be added?

Any motor vehicle insured on your traders insurance as well as all owned trade plates must be added to the MID, including the following:

  • Temporary motor vehicles held for over 14 days
  • All permanent motor vehicles (eg any registered to, owned or leased by yourself)
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How can I update my Motor Insurance Database record?

Simply complete and submit the form which you can find here, which will allow you to either add or remove vehicles from the MID. All that is required is the registration numbers of any vehicles owned by the policyholder as well as the policyholder’s spouse (so long as they are named as a driver under this policy) and that the vehicle will be driven or parked on either a road or public space.

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