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How Many Vehicles can I add to my Motor Trade Insurance Policy?

What restrictions do I face as a motor trader?

Fortunately a motor trade insurance policy has no upper limit – meaning you can add as many vehicles as you wish to your motor trade insurance policy, as all policies are reviewed regularly along with the applicable terms and conditions.

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What exactly is motor trade insurance?

Otherwise known as Road Risk Insurance, a Motor Trade Insurance policy is usually undertaken by anyone operating a car-related business i.e. buying and selling cars or operating a car repair service.

What types of policies are there?

  • Third Party. The absolute minimum type of coverage (as well as the cheapest) legally required for you to drive on UK roads. This type of coverage comprises injury, loss or damage to third parties i.e. vehicles and people. Whilst you would not receive cover for either yourself or your vehicle your passenger would be guaranteed coverage.
  • Third Party Fire and Theft. In addition to the Third Party coverage, drivers will also receive coverage for damage or loss from either a theft or fire incident to any vehicles under the custody or control of the motor trader.
  • Comprehensive. Combining the two previous features, the comprehensive option covers vehicles either within your custody or your own vehicles should accidental damage be inflicted. So if you were test driving a customer’s car before buying the vehicle and you were held accountable for an accident, then the insurance company would pay out the cost of repairs to both the other car as well as that owned by your customer.

How do I add vehicles to my motor trade insurance policy?

This is done through something known as the Motor Insurance Database (MID). Each time you purchase or sell a vehicle, you can instantly do this simply by contacting Unicom Insurance – where we offer three options via use of our online forms:

  • Update the MID. Simply enter or remove the vehicle(s) from the MID
  • Add or remove a trade plate from the MID. Enter the details of the Trade Plate in the MID
  • Mobile. With mobile apps for Android, WebOS, Symbian and iPhone users, updating can be done on the move.
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What details do I need to provide to update the MID?

You will be required to provide the MID with the registration numbers of any vehicles in ownership by both the policyholder and the policyholder’s spouse (if they are a named driver under this policy). In addition, the vehicle must also be driven/used and parked on either a road or within a public area, and includes:

  • Any vehicle that is the property of those insured
  • Any vehicle that is the property of the insured if they are a named driver under said policy
  • Any stock vehicle taxed and in your possession for more than a fortnight for sale
  • Any vehicle driven under Trade Plate guidelines – with all Trade Plate details to be disclosed.

Once the following information is shared then Unicom Insurance will inform the MID on your behalf.

How can I find out further information?

Learn more about our services by contacting our team on 01133 120 554 – our lines are open Monday to Friday 0900 to 1730 and Saturday 0930 to 1300. Alternatively you can email us on