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How To Safely Transport A Christmas Tree

It is time to get Christmas trees and hang decorations for the holiday season. If you purchase a real Christmas tree, you need to be prepared for the fun of transporting it. Bringing the tree home is like hauling any large object, and there is always a risk of it falling off during transit, plus it can also damage your car paint or interior.

Christmas tree inside a car

Before transporting a Christmas tree, ensure you have an insurance policy in case it flies off and causes danger to other road users. A motor trader will need to check their policy to see if it covers for vehicle repairs in this situation.

Here are some ways to transport a Christmas tree safely:

Take Measurements in Advance
Before choosing a Christmas tree for your house, measure the height of the room you will display the tree. Ensure the conifer is at least a foot shorter than the height of your home. Also, measure the top of your car or its interior to ensure the tree fits properly and doesn’t fall off on the road.

When estimating the size of your vehicle, fold the seats and close the tailgate. If the vehicle’s seats don’t fold, you might have to rethink your plan. If the car has a rooftop rack, you can tie the conifer to the rack.

Wrap the Tree and Cover the Car
When you find the perfect tree, you need to prepare it for transport. Most conifers are wrapped in netting to make them easy to carry and secure during transit. If your Christmas tree is not covered, use an old blanket to condense it before putting it in the car.

You also need to secure loose branches with a rope to ensure they don’t break. Aside from protecting the tree, you can prevent scratches and the peeling of paint by lining the surface of your vehicle. If your car doesn’t have a roof rack, cover it with an old blanket. You can also get a boot liner to prevent the needles in the conifer from dropping on your car’s carpet.

Secure the Tree Tightly
Place the wrapped tree in the car with its trunk facing the vehicle’s front or on the roof rack. Use nylon straps or a rope to secure the conifer in place. The rope should secure the tree’s top, centre and bottom to prevent movement. When you finish tying the rope, give the tree tugs from various angles to ensure it doesn’t come loose on transit.

Make Sure the Tree Doesn’t Obscure Your View
When your tree is condensed or wrapped in a net, it will not obscure your view. However, the branches can flop down the roof rack and cover the windscreen if you do not wrap the tree well.

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You should ensure the tree does not obscure the mirrors. You will likely fold the front seat when the conifer is inside the vehicle to accommodate its height. Make sure the tree’s trunk does not cover the window, and you can still see both door mirrors.

When transporting a Christmas tree, you need to exercise additional caution and drive slowly on the road to avoid any accidents or unnecessary manoeuvres. Remember regardless or it you drive an electric, petrol or diesel new or used vehicle, check your private or motor trade insurance policy is up to date in case of problems.

Enjoy the festive season.