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How Your Job Affects Car Insurance

According to 2018 research by a leading insurance comparison website, the insurance policy premium you pay each year can vary hugely depending on your occupation – with some unusual trends and outliers to be found!

Iinsurance increasesThe highest average annual premium cost was discovered to be for fruit and vegetable pickers. On average an annual policy would set them back just shy of four figures, at £971. Certain other occupations are also deemed of high risk, commanding premiums of over £800; these include builders and labourers, factory workers, waiters and barbers! Perhaps it’s the demographic that typically fill out these jobs that results in the premium being so high. Many of the occupations which result in a higher insurance cost also involve an element of driving within the day job – delivery drivers and couriers are also hit hard, as well as others traditionally occupied within the wider motor trade.

At the other end of the price table, it’s unsurprising that older people and retirees typically have the cheapest bills; on average they pay a miserly £266 per annum, just over a quarter of the highest price premiums. Other occupations at the low end of the insurance scale include local government staff, and office workers such as secretaries, clerical officers or PAs. Typically, their average insurance bill comes in at just under £300, less than a third of the top-paying workers. This reduced price could also be due to other factors such as lower annual mileage and less requirement to use their vehicle for any work purposes.

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The study looked at the insurance policy costs of around 1 million drivers of both new and used cars, and specifically drivers aged 25-60. Aging drivers, younger motorists and new drivers, all of whom can attract high premiums, were excluded. Naturally costs can depend on numerous other factors, such as where you live, your previous driving history including any convictions or claims as well as your occupation. Most insurers also offer increasing discounts based on the collection of annual no-claim bonuses, so it pays to have a trouble-free driving history.

One interesting note is that it’s possible to save considerable money on your annual insurance premium by simply changing your job title – of course you must select a title that does fit with your role and isn’t false information, otherwise this can lead to an invalid claim and even prosecution. However, by changing your title to a differently-worded role, savings can be made, sometimes significant amounts. It’s worth spending a few minutes at renewal time to see if a small change to your job title can save you money. Based on the results of this study, there are a range of occupations that traditionally attract higher car insurance costs.