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If Your Keys Are Locked Inside The Car!

Unfortunately, we all seem to live life at 100mph today, which makes it all too easy for a small lapse in concentration. We look at some practical tips and some simple steps for drivers to take if you lock your keys inside the car.

Car keys 1. Make Sure You’re Really Locked Out.

It might sound obvious, but ensure you’re genuinely locked out. Have you just driven the car off the forecourt of a new and used cars dealership? If so, are you sure it isn’t a model with a keyless entry system that ensures your car can’t be locked if your keys are in the ignition? Do you have a smartphone app that enables you to unlock your car digitally? Have you absent-mindedly put your keys or keyless entry fob in a pocket or a bag? It’s also worth double checking to see if you left any of the other doors or the boot open.

2. Check for a Spare Key.

Your next step should be to try and obtain another key or electronic key fob. Does a friend or family member have access to your car? Do you keep a spare in a drawer in your house or at work? While it may take time and money to get it, this is probably the best option if you aren’t too far from home.

3. Call Your Roadside Assistance Cover Provider.

If you’re a member of a roadside assistance organisation, such as the RAC or AA, they should be your next port of call. Everyone from newly licensed drivers to motor trade professionals can lock themselves out of their vehicles, and the roadside assistance companies deal with this problem every day. They’ll be able to send out a mechanic to assist you and if they can’t unlock your car, they may arrange for a specialist locksmith to assist. However, bear in mind that you may incur some extra costs if the work required isn’t covered under the terms of your policy.

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4. Contact Your Garage or a Locksmith.

If you don’t have roadside assistance cover, phone your local garage and ask them to recover your car, or you can call a reputable automotive locksmith. You can find contact details for specialist auto locksmiths on the Master Locksmiths Association’s website. Neither of these options are likely to be cheap, but at least you’ll be back on the road again promptly.

Finally, never try to break into your car yourself, as you could damage the vehicle and breach the terms of your insurance policy. You shouldn’t call the emergency services either, unless of course your vehicle is in a dangerous position or concerned about the welfare of a person or animal locked inside.