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London’s Red Route Fines to Increase

It was reported recently that some changes to parking laws have come into force and are attracting huge attention from people who use London’s ‘Red Routes’. The Mayor of London issued a press release that stated that the fines for driving through bus lanes and box junctions would increase significantly.

This is a huge change for those who regularly use these roads and will no doubt impact on the wallet of some motorists in the future.

But what exactly are these changes, we take a closer look at the information around the new fines and how they will affect private and motor trade drivers.

The increase in fines applies to cars that break red route parking restrictions and includes motorcycles, cars and vans. This means if you are caught parking on a red route the new fine will now be £160, instead of £130 when previously introduced.

It’s also important to note that this does not apply to residents who live near red routes. These drivers will still be able to park outside their homes without paying any charges.

Those who get a ticket for driving in either bus lanes or box junctions will also now face increased fines. Drivers who break any of these rules will now be fined up to £160 and receive three penalty points if convicted. These penalties apply to all motor vehicles including vans and motorcycles.

Further rules and information concerning vehicle tax and selling second-hand cars is still to be released, these new rules could also land drivers with fines if they are not adhered to correctly.

There are additional proposals as part of a wider crackdown on pollution and congestion that are ongoing within the UK. This is because the government has set targets, plus the mayor wants to tackle transport issues which are causing pollution in the city.

He aims to reduce emissions from taxis and buses while also encouraging people to take public transport instead of traveling in private vehicles. This will help to solve the issue of rising congestion in London. The increased fines for red route parking violations are just one aspect that Sadiq Khan is dealing with as he looks to improve things.

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All motorists need be aware of these new fines and what they could mean, for example, getting penalty points on your driving licence can increase the cost of both a private, and motor trade insurance policy, so panel beaters, Mot testers and vehicle valeters take note!

Having a driving license with three or more penalty points could result in you facing further enforcement action from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). You may even find your vehicle is seized if you get twelve or more penalty points within a three-year period.

More changes will soon be coming into force, meaning some motorists could be caught out and face increased fines before even noticing the new legislation.

Sadiq Khan has made it clear that he wants Londoners to always get other forms of transport into the city and is encouraging this through heavy fines. So, if you choose to drive, make sure not to park on any red routes or drive through bus lanes.

Londoners and other motorists should always be clued up about any new measures being taken to improve congestion in the city. That’s why It’s essential to keep up to date with the latest motoring and transport press releases from the mayor’s office, they will contain important information and highlight any new fines or the rules to avoid unnecessary prosecution.