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How long will points stay on a driving licence

Endorsements and points on your licence typically remain there for several years; the longevity depends on the specific conviction and the severity of the offence. There are also additional rules to consider for newer drivers. Most motoring offences carry one of three different lengths of time for which penalty points are retained (“valid”) on your licence.

During these periods, any additional points gained are added onto the existing points, which can trigger driving bans or other penalties. The time periods are three years from the date of conviction, three years form the date of the offence, and ten years from the date of conviction. Note that once these periods expire, the points remain on your driving record for an additional twelve months before they are removed, and while they don’t count as penalty points, they may be taken into account should you fall foul of any further driving convictions.

Driving licenseThere are specific driving codes which carry an additional penalty of automatic disqualification from driving, for a period determined by the court. These disqualifications include driving on trade plates. Codes DD40, DD60 and DD80 cover reckless or dangerous driving and points awarded stay on the licence for three years, and remain on your record for four from the date of conviction. If you are found to have driven while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, then there are specific DR or CD codes which apply (DR10, DR20, DR30, DR31, DR61 and DR80 cover driving while under the influence while CD40, CD50, CD60 and CD70 cover careless driving under the influence, or providing to provide a urine sample on demand). These codes carry a ten year endorsement on your licence from date of conviction, with an additional year on your driving record, and may also result in a driving ban, covering both private driving and, where applicable, driving throughout the motor trade.

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Other points codes, typically for “lesser” motoring offences such as driving without due care, carry a three year endorsement from the date of the offence (there is usually no accompanying criminal conviction), and a further year on your driving record. New drivers will have their licence cancelled if they acquire 6 penalty points in the first two years after passing their test. Additionally, any points accrued on a provisional licence are carried over to your full licence when passing your test.

Driving convictions and unspent points usually carry a further penalty in terms of a raised premium on your insurance policy for both new and used cars; firms sometimes penalise drivers even when convictions are spent, but this is a grey legal area and can’t be enforced in court.