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Motor Trade Insurance for Young Drivers – Min 25 years old

Unicom provide customised motor traders insurance for younger drivers, with prices that are more competitive than most. It can be extremely difficult for drivers under 25 to get affordable cover, particularly for the trade. Unlike many other brokers, we offer a fast insurance quote, a simple application procedure, plenty of customisation, and full levels of protection.

NOTE: We can quote for 25 year olds drivers as long as there are no high performance cars at all on the policy. We can NOT quote at all for drivers under the age of 25.

Often, the major factor when determining your premium is driver age – with the bad rap that younger drivers often receive, and the perceived higher levels of risk associated with junior motorists, quotes for 22-25 year olds can be prohibitive.

While it is true that this age group will have less experience than those who have been on the road for longer, this does not directly correlate with higher risk. At Unicom we try to offer specific policies for motor traders which does not necessarily penalise you for your age and lack of experience.

Unicom works as a brokering solution; we work with you to assess your exact requirements, and then negotiate cover via a range of national insurance providers. This allows us to offer you the best possible quote, specifically tailored to your needs.

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There are three main specific levels of cover available:

1. Road risk – we provide cover for you to drive vehicles on public roads, whether that’s your personal vehicle, or those which form part of your business (such as cars in a showroom or vehicles left at your garage for servicing and road testing).

2. Legal liability – we provide protection against any legal costs that may be sought by clients or your employer.

3. Premises – we can include your business premises on your policy, so that cars or vans stored at your workplace are covered.

You can of course tailor these specific features to your requirements, and also add in extra types of protection, including cover for imported vehicles or expensive equipment if need be.

Here’s how the procedure actually works:

1. Your individual level of cover is created based on the requirements you tell us
2. We gather a range of quotes based on those requirements
3. Our Unicom broker negotiates with providers to ultimately generate you the lowest possible quote

Note that there are several important points to bear in mind when deciding on the level of cover you need before you make your insurance application – these may help you to narrow down your requirements and avoid you having to pay for cover above and beyond what you actually need.

Firstly, ensure you don’t take on cover for expensive high performance vehicles which you may never own or service; these can really raise the premium. Similarly, customise your cover level to only include specific types of vehicles you will be dealing with.

Most importantly, with Unicom you really can tailor your cover – don’t just buy the first cover you see which may be completely unsuited to you. By following this simple advice, you could save a good deal on your annual premium.

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