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The Motor Trade – Light Vehicle Service Technician

The motor trade is vast, populated by people in a wide range of professions. One of the more hands-on roles is the job of the ‘Light Vehicle Service Technician’.

What’s the job?
As the name suggests, these technicians work with smaller vehicles (anything up to 3.5 tonnes, which includes most cars and vans). It’s a skilled job which includes day-to-day servicing and repair of vehicles, be it an electrical issue or a mechanical problem. Anything that goes wrong in the physical car – including manufacturer faults and recalls – is likely to be seen by the Light Vehicle Technician.

Car Servicing GarageA typical day in the life
A Light Vehicle Service Technician is the person who keeps your vehicle in tip-top condition, according to the manufacturers’ guidelines, and therefore keeps drivers safe on the road and keeps their insurance policy providers happy. Daily tasks might include checking the vehicle computer to investigate a fault, providing a time estimate, replacing or repairing damaged components, servicing vehicles, maintaining the repair and service records of the vehicle, and liaising with Service Receptionists to document any repairs required. 

What’s required?

Technicians are required to have a Level 2 in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair, which generally comes about through an employer’s apprenticeship or a college course which provides work placements in the motor trade. The skillset of a Light Vehicle Service Technician is comprehensive, as they are required to be confident and competent servicing all aspects of a vehicle. This requires problem-solving skills; attention to detail; great practical ‘hands-on’ skills; self-direction; good communication; careful listening and instruction following; and no fear of getting a bit dirty.

The nitty gritty details

Typically, this type of technician works a 40 hour, six-day week, excluding Sundays. Apprentices earn around £7,000-14,000 a year, increasing to £22,000-26,000 once qualified.

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What comes next?
For a Light Vehicle Service Technician who wants to move beyond their current role, the next step is to become a Light Vehicle Diagnostic Technician, and after that, options include Automotive Trainer, Workshop Controller, Light Vehicle Master Technician, MOT Examiner or Fleet Maintenance Manager.

The whole picture

One of the key players in the motor business. An important role working directly with vehicles, maintaining safety standards and providing the opportunity to work with exciting new technologies. Good prospects for career progression. Ideally suited to a car-fanatic with a strong work ethic, an eye for detail, and patience with problem-solving.