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Motor Trade Occupations – Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technician

Not every profession in the motor trade involves getting oil on your hands. From desk jobs to designers, insurance policy providers and dealership salespeople, there’s a great many roles available. One person that does get down and dirty with the vehicles is the Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technician.

Electric Vehicles
What’s the job?
Working in parallel with the Light Vehicle Service Technician, and performing similar duties on different kinds of vehicles, the Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technician specialises in electric or hybrid cars and vans. Their role involves servicing the mechanical and electrical components of vehicles to the manufacturers’ specification.

A typical day in the life
When an electric or hybrid car requires servicing, checking for faults or updating to new manufacturers’ guidelines, it’s the job of the Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technician. Whether it’s the security system, speakers, spark plugs or something else, if it’s electrical or mechanical then it’s within their remit. Ins and outs of the day involve investigating the internal computer to deduce the problem; completing mechanical and electronic repairs; performing services on vehicles; estimating the time needed for repairs; communicating with Service Receptionists and updating the service records for a car.

What’s required?
Technicians need to be skilled with cars, gaining experience through an apprenticeship route or on a specialist college course. There’s no one specific route into this role, so a good starting point would be to contact local educational providers and motor trade professionals to see what they offer, and what they look for, respectively. A Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technician works with every detail of a vehicle, so it’s essential to have a strong skill-set, including an eye for detail, the ability to work to careful instructions, and of course, excellent skills working with your hands.

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The nitty gritty
This type of technician usually works around 40 hours per week, which sometimes includes Saturdays. Apprentices start at around £7,000-14,000 a year while they’re learning, which goes up to £22,000-26,000 once they are qualified.

What’s next?
Career-furthering opportunities for the Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technician include Hybrid and Electric Diagnostic Technician, then Hybrid and Electric Master Technician, eventually moving into Automotive Management. The perfect job for car-fans who want to work with the vehicles of the future. This role would suit a patient, practical perfectionist who likes to get hands-on with cars.