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Motor Trader Quality Awards 2016

The UK Motor Trader Quality Awards help recognize the best motor traders up and down the country. The 2016 entries for the awards started back in December 2015, and will remain open until September 1st 2016.

Any motor trader can choose to enter. Submissions are provided by companies and bolstered by customers, and any company can enter just by applying themselves to one or more of the award categories. There are a lot of categories, so here are a few things any savvy trader may want to consider.

The Three Sections

Motor Trader Quality AwardsThe Motor Trader Quality Awards are split into three major sections: the Motor Trader Product Qs, the Motor Trader Company Qs, and the Motor Trader Retail Qs. As you might imagine, the “Qs” in this case are qualities, and each category includes its own qualities.

For example, companies that sell new and used cars may be interested in the Company Qs, which include “approved used car service of the year” or “auction house of the year”. Companies that specialise in motor trade insurance might be interested in “service plan of the year”.

Specific Awards

The largest set of categories is company qualities. Both dealers and suppliers may find awards of interest in this set of categories. Product qualities don’t really pertain to retail products; that’s where retail qualities come in.

Instead, product qualities include long-term service products: the complete list as of 2016 is finances, paint protection, service plans, and warranties. Retail qualities, instead, include point of sale products “from car care products to satellite navigation”.

There are four categories for different price ranges, from £1 to £100, as well as a general “car accessory retailer of the year”.

Motor Trade Insurance for the UK motor trader


Motor Trade Insurance For The UK Motor Trader

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More benefits

The Motor Trader is a renowned publication, and the Motor Trader Quality Awards are cut from the same cloth as the equally-vaunted Quality Food Awards.

Thanks to the Motor Trader’s reputation, any company that makes it to the Awards will be recognized as one that knows their way around customer service, retail management and whatever else they need to deal in.

The Awards involve a detailed marketing campaign and attract a good deal of press coverage, and the panel of independent judges ensures that any company has a chance.

Making Sure You Can Enter

Before you apply, it’s important to understand Motor Trader’s requirements, which are line with the UK government’s own requirements on how motor trade is handled.

You’ll want to have motor trade insurance to accommodate for any risks or needs that might be created by the surge of business the Motor Trader Quality Awards can bring you. You’ll also want to have trade plates on any vehicle that’s involved in your submission.

Similarly, new and used cars dealers should make sure their licences are up to date before you put your company in the spotlight.