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Motorists Miss out on More Than £2 Million of Savings!

You probably missed out on saving money by sending your photocard driving licence application by post. Did you know that aside from the application being slower, it is more expensive than applying online? Official sources reveal that drivers who renewed their licence by post between April 2020 and March 2021 missed £2.3 million in savings. That is because 23% of the two million applications made to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) were sent through the post office.

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How Motorists Can Save Money Through Online Application

You need to renew your UK photocard driving licence every ten years or three years for people above 70 years. The DVLA usually reminds you when the renewal is due. If you have a motor trade insurance policy, the insurance company will notify you before your current licence expires. You also need to update your address if you move from your current residence permanently.

When you apply for the driving licence renewal via post you will pay £17, but when you apply online it costs £14. Aside from the £3 savings, you will receive your licence in just five days, unlike applications via posts which take longer. Due to a large amount of mail received daily by DVLA, it takes time to sort through the mail and process the applications.

Sometimes, the process takes over ten weeks. The online application process takes a short time, and drivers can alter their details or change their addresses. You can track your application’s progress from the application site too.

All motorists should apply for their licence on the official website when applying for DVLA services online, this is because other third-party websites often charge additional fees for free services.

How to Apply for Your Photocard Driving Licence Online

Applying or renewing driving licences for new and used cars online is straightforward. You need your passport, current driving licence, national insurance number and residential addresses for the past three years.

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After filling out the form, you can pay £14 using your debit or credit card and then just wait for your new photocard to arrive. When you receive the new licence, you should send the old card to the address provided at the end of the application. You need to be a UK resident who hasn’t been disqualified from driving for the application to be successful.

If you want to change your address, you can also do this online. You need similar documents as those required for the application process, including your photocard licence and the addresses you have lived at for the last three years.

Unlike the application process that costs money, you will not pay a penny to change your address. Fill out the forms online and wait for your photocard licence to land by post within a week.

Ensure you are not one of the many motorists to miss out on these future savings by completing your licence renewal online next time. If you have a problem with the renewal process, just ask your local motor mechanic or car dealership next time you see them, they’re always happy to assist their customers wherever they can.