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New DVLA Online Service Is A Big Hit!

The new DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) online logbook is proudly celebrating its latest milestone of reaching a million transactions that allow home movers to change their physical address on a V5C logbook in under a year.


Since June 2020, this being the month that this new service was launched, the popularity and its use has spread like wildfire, with over 60% of car owners requesting the change of address by using the online method and preferring it over the postal service.

This new online system from DVLA has tremendously reduced the time it takes to order and receive replacements for the V5C logbook to 5 days down from 6 weeks!

On average, DVLA receives about 500,000 logbook replacement requests either due to damage or loss, which is a huge number. Previously, the postal method which continues to be offered to date, required vehicle owners to send the V62 request form accompanied by a cash payment of £25, drivers then had to wait for approximately 6 weeks for the updated V5C to be delivered back to them, making this a very slow process.

With this new online method waiting times have been significantly slashed, and even though the cost of replacement still remains the same, the online payments mean that it is needless for drivers to buy postal orders or scramble to find their chequebooks.

This new DVLA digital campaign not only allows motorists to change their address or order a replacement for their V5C logbook, but also allows them to renew their driving license to keep their motor insurance policy valid and inform DVLA about the purchase or sale of any vehicle, a great time saving perk if you are part of the motor trade industry among other services.

According to a recent survey conducted by DVLA, the new system has had overwhelming support, with over 92% of its users citing the online services were extremely easy to use. From this figure, 98% of the same users acknowledged that they would use the system again in the future.

Like any other online service, the new DVLA system has had its few downsides. Due to the recent global pandemic, DVLA has been experiencing some delays due to the majority of their staff now working from home. Additionally, some of the systems that run through the postal service only are at loggerheads with digital services, which include renewing VED (Vehicle Excise Duty) road tax.

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There have also been some concerns about providing private parking companies access to sensitive driver details so that they can issue parking tickets. DVLA is still working on these issues to ensure that all these drawbacks become outdated. They embarked on a series of improvements and modernization programs, and the new online replacement V5C is only the second that had been launched by the organisation.

It was back in June 2020 that DVLA allowed its drivers to alter the address that is shown on their logbook digitally rather than going through the tedious process of posting the hard-copy documents. This is a huge boost in the motor trade industry for people who need their details updated a quickly as possible.

Nothing is as constant as change, and DVLA’s move to the digital scene to allow drivers to change the address on the logbook not only hastens the process, but most importantly, promotes the motor trade industry and helps keep the motor trade insurance policies of traders valid.