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New Speeding Laws

Speeding fines might often be an unpopular topic amongst the motor trade, Clarkson fans and younger petrol-heads, but it’s what we’re talking about today, so put your seatbelt on and check your blind spots, because it’s back to driving school for a moment!

Speed CamerasTraffic laws are laws just like any others, which means there are consequences for flouting the rules. You wouldn’t drive without an insurance policy, and you wouldn’t drive with illegally-fitted trade plates, and this is no different. Drivers should therefore be aware of the new speeding fines which have just come into force.

As of 24th April 2017, harder penalties are in places for drivers exceeding the speed limit, in hopes to reduce dangerous driving around the UK. Green Flag have put out the alarming figure that speeding offences have increased a huge amount, going up by 44% in just 5 years.

Previously, a speeding driver would have received 3 points on their licence and a minimum fine of £100. That fine could go up to £1000, or £2,500 if the offence was on the motorway. This could be up to a whole week’s salary for the driver. But now, fines can be up to 175% of the driver’s weekly earnings, though it will be still capped at £2,500.

As for the 3 points and minimum of £100 fine, both of those features remain the same for all offenders, as well as the possibility of 6 points on their licence or a 56 day driving ban for the worst offenders, in category C.

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Offences will be divided into three categories, according to seriousness:

  • Band A – fine is between 25% and 75% of the driver’s weekly earnings, and will be issued for exceeding the limit by 1-10mph.
  • Band B – fine is between 75% and 125% of the driver’s weekly earnings, and will be issued for exceeding the limit by 12-21mph.
  • Band C – fine is between 125% and 175% of the driver’s weekly earnings, and will be issued for exceeding the limit by more than 21mph.

There is room for discretion, including the population density of the area where the speeding took place, the weather, and even the time of day. Courts may be able to take these factors into consideration when deciding which end of the percentage range to fine the driver, within the relevant band. Additionally, a driver with no previous speeding record will be able to take a speed awareness course instead of paying the fine.

It’s a fairly complex new system, but one thing is clear: speeding is illegal, and if caught, speeding drivers will be punished. Whether it’s, new and used cars, vans, motorbikes, or anything else with an engine – know your limits!