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New UK Driving Laws 2022

For all private and motor trade industry professionals and drivers, in this article; we take a closer look at a few of the new driving laws that come in place during 2022. The Highway Code changes are part of a £338 million package to help improve the infrastructure for both cyclists, and pedestrians.

Pedestrians and cyclists will have priority

The UK government has changed the Highway Code for pedestrians and cyclists. There will be a new hierarchy prioritising the ‘at-risk’ road user, like pedestrian priority when crossing or waiting to cross the road, cyclists will also get priority at junctions when travelling straight ahead.

Mobile phone use in vehicles

New rules will penalise drivers for touching their phones when behind the wheel, motorists could receive a fine of £200 and six points on their licence if they’re caught, with few exceptions. Drivers should still be able to use their phone as a sat nav and to make contactless payments at toll roads. Convictions will also probably lead to private or motor trade insurance policy premium price increases for the individual.

Vehicle Speed limiters

In July 2022, speed limiters will be mandatory in all new cars. Known within the motor trade as an Intelligent Speed Assistant system (ISA) – if the driver doesn’t slow their speed the vehicle will intervene.

Driving licences to be taken from drug users

Passports and driving licences will be removed from illegal drug users. The government will also introduce harsher sentences for these offenders.

Self-driving cars on UK roads

This government announced that Automatic Lane Keeping Systems (ALK) systems are an example of ‘self-driving’ vehicle technology, they say the first cars with ALK technology could be on UK roads by spring 2022. 

Electric car grant cut

The electric vehicle (EVs) grant helped make EVs affordable for many motorists, in December 2021, this grant was reduced from £2,500 to £1,000, and is now only available for vehicles costing up to £32,000.

New homes to have EV charging points in 2022

Charging a vehicle has been an issue for many motorists considering EVs, however, all new homes in England will come with EV charging points as a legal requirement. This new scheme could produce nearly 150,000 extra charging points.

Towing rule change

3,500 kg is the maximum weight that a trailer can hold, this includes its own weight. This could lead to 30,000 additional HGV tests because of this rule change, hopefully this will help many industries with the ongoing HGV driver shortage.  

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Ban on rebated biofuel and red diesel

The UK continues to strive and reach its ambitious climate targets, from April 2022, government will restrict the use of red diesel and biofuel in some vehicles. Red diesel is used in agricultural machinery like tractors for example, so the ban will more likely impact businesses rather than private or motor trade drivers. The aim is to encourage some businesses to start using cleaner fuel in their vehicles.


We recommend you always do your own research to stay up to date with new driving rules and highway code laws, below is a list of other changes that could change in the very near future.

  • New clean air zones in Manchester, Bradford, and other cities.
  • Nurses to determine if you’re fit to drive – not just doctors.
  • Local councils could enforce minor traffic offences as well as the police
  • Motorists to be banned from parking on pavements
  • Five-year delay on new smart motorways