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Motor Insurance Scam

Being involved in a car accident can be many things: traumatic, painful, shocking, scary and expensive. But how many of us would have thought to add ‘deliberate’ to that list? Horrifyingly, around 15% of all road collisions are staged for financial gain. more info…

Motivated Sales Advisors Wanted at Unicom Insurance


  • Appreciation?
  • Reward?
  • Opportunity?
  • A Great Working Environment?

Unicom, a dynamic insurance intermediary specialising in motor trade and commercial insurance are currently looking for reliable, motivated and experienced sales staff.

If you are looking for a career with a rapidly growing company, where commitment, teamwork and customer-service skills are vital, then we would like to hear from you.
more info…

New Speeding Laws

Speeding fines might often be an unpopular topic amongst the motor trade, Clarkson fans and younger petrol-heads, but it’s what we’re talking about today, so put your seatbelt on and check your blind spots, because it’s back to driving school for a moment! more info…

Are we prepared for the Electric Car?

A recent report suggests that despite the continued drive towards cleaner technologies in the automotive industry, the predicted growth in sales of electric cars may push current infrastructures to the limits. The Green Alliance have pointed out that while sales of electric cars went up by 56% in 2016 compared with the previous year, excellent news for the motor trade, the increased pressure on charging points and the power grids can result in damaging side-effects. more info…

Driving Passion

When filling out an online dating profile, what’s the key factor in finding ‘The One’? Maybe brown hair is a must, or perhaps a sense of humour is critical. Do they have all their own teeth? Do they drive a yellow truck, 22 inch wheels and tinted windows? more info…

Beat the new car tax

April 2017, the system used by the government to tax cars in the UK changed drastically (and in a fairly complex way). It’s thrown up a few inconsistencies with the whole idea of penalising gas-guzzlers, which could be viewed as a total face-palm by the environmentally conscious, or as a lucky loophole by anyone looking to buy a fuel-hungry vehicle. The main factor depends not on fuel type, whether on trade plates or the vehicle size, but on the price: the magic number being £40,000. more info…

Diesel car tax

Diesel cars were once seen as the economical and environmentally friendly alternative to petrol vehicles, with low fuel prices and lower carbon dioxide emissions than a conventional engine. Many drivers of new and used cars were encouraged to make the switch to diesel. Today, it looks as if diesel drivers made a bad deal. Not only have prices at the pump risen to the point where the difference between a petrol and diesel fill is negligible, but new findings have shown that diesel engines emit a high level of nitrogen dioxide, a toxic gas linked to thousands of premature deaths in the UK every year. more info…

Insurance Cap for Young Drivers?

When it comes to buying an insurance policy, the group having to fork out the most dosh is the same group unlikely to have cash to spare: young drivers. Now a petition has been submitted to the UK government, urging them to cap the cost of policies for 18 to 25 year olds at a maximum of £1200 a year. more info…

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