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Should Councils Cash In On Parking?

If you’ve ever been bold enough to drive into London, or many other British towns or cities, you’ll know that the parking charges can sting. Finding a space to begin with is a challenge requiring the patience of a thousand saints, and then the hourly parking fees can quickly stack up. If you thought your insurance policy was expensive this year, just try parking on Brighton seafront for the day! more info…

Guide to Reporting Potholes – UK 2019

It can be costly to run a car, fuel, maintenance, road tax and an insurance policy are just some of the routine expenses that drivers need to cover. This means it’s particularly frustrating when something as sudden and preventable as a pot-hole wreaks havoc with your wheel axels, causing even more expense and effort to get it sorted. more info…

Car Insurance Groups – How Do They Affect Our Insurance Premiums

All new and used cars in the UK are placed into car insurance groups which play a major part in determining your insurance policy premium, the system is set up and monitored by the Association of British Insurers (ABI). There are currently 50 different groups reflecting the wide range of vehicles available. When the system was first introduced back in the 1970s, there were only nine available classes, but this expanded to 20 by 1992, and then to the current number in 2006. All cars registered in 1996 or later are now placed into one of these 50 groups, while earlier vehicles are placed at an insurer’s own discretion. more info…

Guide to Cars Sold On ‘Sale Or Return’ 2019

“Sale or Return” (SoR) is a relatively common way that sellers can take advantage of the increased marketing and promotional power of a motor trader or dealership to sell a vehicle on their behalf. It is also often used within the motor trade itself, where both new and used cars can be moved between traders to take advantage of factors such as location and availability to match clients with vehicles and so on. more info…

What You Need To Know About UK Speed Limits

Although speed limits seem to be a constant cause of debate, they are nothing new. Speed limits were first introduced to the UK not long after the arrival of the motor car on our roads, as an insurance policy to keep cars down to the speed of a horse for the safety of other road users. Our speed limits have undergone many changes since, reflecting changes to our vehicles, roads and way of life. more info…

Help Avoid Keyless Car Theft

Keyless cars were initially developed in 1995 by Siemens for the motor trade, to be installed in Mercedes-Benz vehicles. They’ve come a long way since then, but so has the technology used by criminals to steal them. The older the car, the more vulnerable, but there are ways to help prevent this ever-increasing crime. A keyless new or used car can be broken into and driven away in a matter of seconds, so taking precautions is essential. The convenience of keyless entry and start goes without saying, but to thieves, it is just a different sort of challenge. They are now using a relay car hack to break into vehicles easily, quickly and without causing damage. more info…

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