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DVLA Scams

The ability to pay road tax and apply for a driving licence, or change your details, online has made these processes quicker and easier, both for motorists and for the DVLA. more info…

Who can save VW?

The ongoing diesel emissions scandal has prompted huge changes at Volkswagen. The German manufacturer was found to have knowingly published falsified emissions levels for some of its vehicles, prompting an enquiry and legal action. In the latest twist, its management board has been overhauled, in the biggest change to the company’s structure since it was founded in the 1930s. more info…

Pot Holes – Major Problem

Europe’s roads present many hazards for the motorist, from the cobbled streets of Paris to the hairpin bends of the Alps, and from gravel or dirt tracks to the icy roads of a Scandinavian winter. One problem, however, seems to afflict the UK more than any other country, and that is the presence of potholes. more info…

Drug-drivers still on the increase

Tougher UK laws on drug-driving have seen a considerable increase in the number of motorists convicted for getting behind the wheel while under the influence of medication, both legal and illegal. Startling figures uncovered by show a 140% rise in the number of cases in 2015, with a leap from 738 cases in 2014 to 1,686 last year. more info…

Reasons not to buy a used car!

It’s been a pretty good 12 months for motorists, with petrol prices at a five year low and plenty of incentives for buyers of both new and used cars. Fuel economy figures are rising, while there’s an increasing amount of cars entering the market with green emissions levels and those incorporating alternative fuels and technologies. more info…

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