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Classic Cars at Today’s Prices

In today’s modern motoring world the classic car still holds a special place in all our hearts because of its nostalgia and heritage. The car industry is full of classic cars but many individuals believe that a classic car is unaffordable and that the insurance policy for such a car will be high, but this is simply not true. more info…

Road Tax Disc Deficit

The UK government’s decision to scrap vehicle tax discs has cost an estimated £93 million in the year from March 2015. Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) is a considerable earner for the government, with revenues close to 6 billion pounds, but these latest figures will come as a blow, especially given gains made in other areas of the industry. more info…

The top selling cars in 2016

While many industries continue to experience slowdowns and even declining sales thanks to the general economic situation, the British car industry is growing and experiencing record sales. 2015 was the best year to date for sales of new cars across the country, and early figures suggest that 2016 could even surpass those record levels. In this article we look at the top 10 cars that punters are parting with the cash and being driven round with trade plates on. more info…

Awesome Car Gadgets!

The days when the cutting edge of car accessories was a pair of fluffy dice and a small cardboard tree are over, thankfully! Today, you can kit out your car with a huge range of gadgets, some so useful you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them, some nice to have, and some just for fun… more info…

What will my car insurance cost?

Insurance policy costs continue to rise for many motorists, and given the current climate it’s worth reminding you how policy premiums are calculated. Insurance companies take a wide range of factors into account, not least the likely costs of any claims you may make, and how likely you are to make one in the first place. more info…

Mirrorless Cars

It’s an idea we have already seen applied to concept cars, but, so far, legal requirements have prevented it from becoming a reality. Now, one country has taken the first steps towards making the concept a reality. more info…

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