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How to apply for motor trade plates

If you work in the motor trade, you can apply for trade licence plates, more commonly referred to as simply trade plates. A trade plate is a temporary registration plate which can be used on a vehicle while you are driving it for business purposes. more info…

Saving money on motoring

Motoring is an expensive necessity for most people. Yet in this age of austerity it is perfectly possible to slash your bills for insurance, fuel and other recurrent motoring costs if you follow a few basic guidelines. In this article we look at several major areas of expenditure for the motorist and suggest various ways in which to reduce your outgoings for new and used cars. more info…

The end of pointless road signs

A new taskforce has been created to rid the UK of the abundance of pointless road signs filling our road transport networks. On August 28th, the Department for Transport (DfT) confirmed that MP Sir Alan Duncan will lead a group which will focus on streamlining road signage and help bring an end to decades of increased signage and clutter on our nation’s highways. The commission’s study will close in early October and report back to the government in December 2015. more info…

Smoking in vehicles

On October 1st, 2015, the UK government will introduce a set of new regulations to cover smoking and cigarettes, including e-cigarettes. Most of the new rules concern e-cigarettes, as this is a new technology. However, there will also be a change to the laws surrounding smoking in new and used cars, in response to increasing concerns about the effects of passive smoking, or breathing in smoke from others’ cigarettes, on children and teenagers. more info…

The Essential Motoring Websites

When it comes to the many aspects of motoring, such as researching information about new and used cars, looking for a competitive insurance quote, or understanding your motoring rights, the Internet is a great place to begin. In this post we look at 6 websites that are of great value to any motorist and which you ought to bookmark today.  more info…

Tax changes brings bigger focus on low co2 vehicles

Chancellor George Osborne’s latest budget will bring some significant changes to the way the motor trade, and indeed car buyers, focus on low emission vehicles. In 2017, Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) will be scrapped, and replaced with an entirely new set of bandings for road tax. The existing bandings currently provide a sliding scale of taxation based on carbon dioxide emissions, with many lower emission cars being free to tax. The new guidelines will place vehicles into just 3 bands – Zero Emission, Standard and Premium. more info…

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