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Diesel cars are polluting our towns!

Air pollution via vehicle emissions remains a major issue in many UK towns and cities, despite many ways to try and reduce levels of harmful materials. New government figures suggest that the problem is actually worsening due to garages removing diesel particulate filters (DPFs) from cars that are out of warranty. more info…

Petrol prices are back on the up!

UK motorists are preparing to face a rise in fuel bills once more. Prices have been under a pound per litre in many regions since Autumn 2015, but now the average cost has risen for the first time in around 9 months. This will come as a further blow to motorists who have already seen a rise in insurance policy costs this year thanks to higher levels of insurance premium tax. more info…

New Cars for 2016

2016 looks set to be an exciting year in the motor trade, with innovative new designs and updated old favourites from major manufacturers and new contenders. Whether you’re looking for a car that’s family, wallet or insurance policy friendly, or simply fun, there should be something in the line-up to tempt you. more info…

Fill up and go Petrol Pumps App

A new way of paying for your petrol has been unveiled at Shell service stations. “Fill Up and Go” offers motorists the ability to simply scan a code using Shell’s mobile phone app, and then fill up as usual – the fuel is then paid for directly through PayPal, meaning that motorists no longer need to either go into the shop to pay, or use their credit or debit card at the pump. more info…

Would you pass a driving test today?

When surveyed, drivers often agree that the DVSA driving test should be more comprehensive, covering motorway driving and other areas, and that lessons should include driving after dark and in bad weather. However, not many of us would agree to go back to school ourselves and retake the theory or practical test. more info…

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