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The Green Car Revolution

The Department for Transport has awarded grants to a total of £40 million to cities across the UK, in a move to encourage the spread of environmentally friendly vehicles and driving. The cities of London, Bristol, Nottingham, and Milton Keynes will all receive a share of the total incentive. more info…

Winter Weather Driving

Winter, with its long hours of darkness and its extreme weather, can create hazardous driving conditions. Preparing properly before you set off, and understanding the principles of driving in bad weather, can help make sure you arrive at your destination safely. more info…

Car insurance cover up!

A new study by ‘comparethemarket’ has revealed a somewhat astonishing statistic on the cost of renewing your existing insurance policy or taking out a new deal. Motorists who leave it until the very last minute to insure their vehicles face a hefty premium, which can run to hundreds of pounds extra in many cases. For example, a typical policy that costs around £360 when taken out up to a month before the previous cover expires can cost upwards of £685 on renewal day. These figures are further affected by a recent rise in insurance premium tax, which means comparable policies on both new and used cars can be £100 more expensive than at the same time last year. more info…

US Justice Department Suing VW

German car giant Volkswagen faces a huge lawsuit from the US Justice Department following its admission that it illegally fitted emission test defeating devices to thousands of its cars in recent years. The manufacturer’s September 2015 admission has now been followed by the lawsuit, which was issued on January 4th. more info…

Used car buying guide for under 10K

A budget of £10,000 gives a wide choice of both new and used cars. While a showroom car on trade plates is a tempting prospect, and will come with a warranty, it will begin to depreciate in value immediately. Choosing a second-hand model gives you a much wider range of choices for your money, and is likely to hold its value for longer. more info…

Honda car prices to increase

At a time of the year when the marketplace is dominated by Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers, and new and used cars come with a host of discounts aimed at attracting those vital pre-Christmas sales, it has come as a surprise that Japanese car giant Honda has gone the other way and raised its prices. more info…

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