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Everything You Need to Know About Vehicle Stopping Distances

Whether you’re a learner, a seasoned driver, or a member of the motor trade who drives new and used cars as part of your job, knowing your stopping distances is a must. Abiding by them will minimise the chances that you’ll cause an accident and invalidate your motor insurance policy in the process. more info…

Prepare Your Car for Winter

It’s sad but true: getting ready for winter involves more than just ordering a turkey and bleeding the radiators. Vehicle owners are all too aware that December to February is the toughest season to keep both new and used cars happy, so it makes good sense to start preparing for this time of year as soon as possible. more info…

Dangerous Driving Conviction Upheld

In May 2019, Patrick John Kelly, a haulage contractor was tried and convicted of dangerous driving at Dungannon Magistrates’ Court, he was fined £400 and disqualified from driving for twelve months. Kelly, 51, was reported to police by a group of cyclists from the Spires Cycling Club after an incident near Dongahmore in July 2018. more info…

Checklist For Buying A Used Car

Depending on your motivation and budget for buying a used car, you might like to consider buying privately, auction or from a business selling new and used cars, such as a car dealer, independent garage or vehicle trader. Nevertheless, regardless of where you buy a used car, following a standard checklist can improve your peace of mind. more info…

Is Trust In Driverless Cars Still An Issue?

You might expect that the biggest issue facing the motor trade when it comes to introducing autonomous vehicles would be the limits of technology. However, a recent survey showed that it may be a lack of trust and enthusiasm on the part of drivers preventing the uptake of driverless technology. more info…

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