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Are You a Hypermiler?

It sounds like something out of science fiction, but hypermiling is simply the art of increasing your car’s fuel economy by smart driving techniques to improve MPG (miles per gallon) and save money on fuel. With the price of petrol seeming to rise constantly, there’s an increased interest in fuel economy among drivers of new and used cars. As well as buying a vehicle with good fuel economy, drivers can plan their journey and driving techniques so less fuel is consumed. more info…

E10 Biofuel – What is it?

E10 is a biofuel which is composed of around 10% ethanol mixed with 90% regular unleaded petrol (which itself may already have up to 5% ethanol). The reason ethanol is added is to absorb carbon dioxide and thus reduce harmful emissions. The biofuel is currently sold at petrol stations in countries like Germany and France and may well be rolled out to the UK soon. more info…

Police To Start Testing Drivers’ Eyesight

A new police initiative aims to tackle the problem of drivers with poor visibility causing road accidents. Three police forces in the Thames Valley, the West Midlands and Hampshire will all be undertaking a series of eye tests for drivers pulled over at random. If the driver cannot read a licence plate of new and used cars at a distance of 20 metres, the police will have the power to suspend their licence. more info…

Horsepower – What Exactly Is It?

For buyers of new and used cars, horsepower is one of the top considerations when choosing a vehicle. Horsepower figures are often proudly displayed among the specifications next to a showroom car on trade plates and discussed in car magazines. But what is horsepower, and how does it affect your vehicle’s performance? more info…

MOT Exempt Cars

Introduced by the Ministry of Transport in 1960, the MOT is an annual test for cars and motorbikes over three years old. The test needs to be carried out every year by a certified tester within the motor trade, and includes checks on the brakes, tyres, steering, emissions as well as all lights and indicators. more info…

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