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Motor Trade Insurance News

New Vehicle Tyre Rules 2017

Irrespective of how old, expensive, infuriating or reliable your new and used car might be, there’s something every vehicle owner should do. Take two minutes out of your weekly routine to ensure you’re not making this one crucial driving error, because not only could your insurance policy be voided, but you could also be putting your and others’ lives in danger! more info…

The Most Reliable New And Used Cars For 2017

When shopping for a new and used car, reliability is high on the list for many consumers, along with fuel economy and an affordable insurance policy. The motor trade has come a long way since an exasperated John Cleese was moved to beating his broken down Mini with a stick in Fawlty Towers, today’s new and used cars, given the right care and maintenance, can generally be trusted to start in the morning and get you where you need to go. more info…

What are the new insurance write-off categories?

From October 1st 2017, a new set of salvage codes will come into effect, replacing four existing groups. The changes have been implemented following around two years’ worth of consultations between various key groups, including government departments, insurers, manufacturers and various other bodies within the motor trade. more info…

Driving Abroad

It’s the time of year when new and used cars as well as motorcycles from the UK hit the road in Europe. Many of us choose to enjoy a driving or riding holiday abroad, with family or friends or a solo trip. Driving on the wrong side of the road needn’t be a daunting prospect though and there are a few preparations you should take before leaving to make sure you’re both safe and legal. more info…

UK Driving Test Overhaul December 2017 – What You Need to Know

We are very aware within the motor trade industry about the planned changes to the current driving test requirements, from December 4, 2017, there will be a new driving test in England, Scotland and Wales. The reason for the introduction of the new test is that it is deemed to be more relevant to today’s modern driving needs. For example, the new driving test will include asking drivers to use a Sat-Nav to navigate a planned route. There are four major changes to the test released by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). more info…

The new child car seat rules – what you need to know

The law has now changed dramatically concerning buying and using child car seats. This has left many parents a little confused, as questions have been raised as to what car seat is suitable for a child? Below we explain some of the new car seat laws, and what this means in terms of buying a car seat for a child. more info…

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