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What is Motor Trade Insurance, and who Qualifies?

Motor trade insurance is essential cover for those who operate an automotive business, including dealers and mechanics. It provides protection for company drivers to operate customer vehicles, for example, driving around the business premises, road testing, and driving vehicles being bought and sold.
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Failing to remove a vehicle from the motor insurance database

The motor insurance database (MID) is a national UK register of insured motor vehicles, the database is used by bodies such as the police to monitor the status of a vehicles insurance status. Failure to keep a vehicles information accurate can lead to severe penalties for owners, such as a £5,000 fine or even the seizure of the vehicle in question. Crucially, it is up to the policyholder to make sure that all changes are kept up to date, for example, if a car is sold or the owner applies for a statutory off road notice (SORN), otherwise they could face criminal prosecution.
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What is the MID?

Motor insurance is compulsory in the UK, yet as many as one in twenty cars is being driven without insurance. If you are involved in an accident with an uninsured vehicle, you may not be able to recover the cost of repairing or replacing your own. If you are caught driving a vehicle without a valid insurance policy, you could face a large fine, penalty points on your driving licence, or, in the worst case, a driving ban. The police also have authority to seize uninsured vehicles. A fee must be paid to release impounded vehicles in addition to recovery charges and in some cases they can even be destroyed.

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Importing a Car into the UK

There are a number of conditions to meet if you are importing a car into the UK. These are explained below and exist to ensure that the vehicle is safe, roadworthy, meets environmental legislation and is correctly registered with valid insurance. The DVLA provide a vehicle import pack with all the necessary paperwork.

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Mike Brewer – Wheeler Dealer

Mike Brewer – Wheeler Dealer

Car and van dealers may be known for their big personalities and colourful characters. But what happens when a wheeler dealer turns TV presenter? Trader and presenter Mike Brewer is famous in the vehicle trade and television industry alike, both for his unique style and remarkable career progression. He is now perhaps best well-known for presenting Channel 4’s Deals on Wheels and Driven.

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The Most Expensive Registration Plates

Personalised number plates have always been popular with car owners looking to splash out and make their mark out in the world – injecting a little bit of personality on the roads.

Even celebrities are big fans, from Lord Sugar with his tribute to both his name and his company, Amstrad with his AMS 1 plate; to comedian Jimmy Tarbuck’s COM 1C plate; and Paul Daniels’ very apt MAG 1C plate. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge even drove away from their royal wedding with one that read JU5T WED.

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