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The value of a full service history

Used car advertisements often include three key words – full service history, or FSH for short. Various surveys and studies have shown that this is among the most important and vital pieces of information that car buyers look for. Indeed, a study by Kwik-Fit has suggested that a remarkable 50% of shoppers will ignore vehicles that don’t have a full service history included.
Not only will buyers often routinely skip over adverts which do not promise a FSH, sellers can also expect to receive far less for their car than those who can offer all the relevant documentation. more info…

Tips to bag a bargain at a car auction

Always thought that car auctions were only for motor traders? Not so, although the majority of cars sold at auction do go to the trade. One auction house estimates that only one in ten automobiles is sold outside the trade. However, with a little practice and a slice of luck, you too can buy a car at a discounted price. more info…

Insurance premium tax hits businesses

The July 2015 Budget was announced by David Cameron’s Conservative government shortly after the general election in May, and replaces the previous Budget introduced by the coalition government in March. Adjustments to spending in different sectors, and to tax rates, mean that some people will find themselves better off financially under the new Budget, while others will experience lower earnings. Every Budget has its winners and losers, and will produce at least a few changes that will have some sectors of the population protesting. more info…

The Google Car Road Tested

The way we travel in the future may be one step closer. Google have been given the go ahead to perform full road tests on their latest generation of robot cars. While the company has already tested various models, notably the modified Lexus SUV, this is the first time that a purpose-built autonomous vehicle will be allowed onto public roads. more info…

Motor Shows not to be missed

If the Goodwood Festival of Speed has given you an appetite for motor shows, here’s a guide to what else is on the calendar for car enthusiasts. Whether your interest is casual or professional, be sure to visit the trade stands for great offers on a brand new Sat-Nav to an insurance policy. You will find the latest new and used cars for sale, alongside futuristic concept cars and all the classic roadsters, you may even get to take to the driver’s seat yourself. more info…

Goodwood Festival of Speed

Established in 1993, the Goodwood Festival of Speed celebrates the finest of British motoring traditions in its annual event, held each year at the historic Goodwood House estate. This year’s event will run for three days, starting on June 26th, and crowds well in excess of 100,000 per day are expected. more info…

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