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New Trade Plate Rules

Motor trade licence plates are a must for almost all members of the trade – they can be quickly and easily applied to any vehicle in your control, saving you the unnecessary trouble and expense of taxing each vehicle in turn. In order to qualify for these plates, you must show the DVLA that you’re a vehicle tester or trader, whether as a dealer or manufacturer, if you’re involved in service or repair, or someone who tests vehicles on public roads. more info…

How does motor vehicle insurance excess work?

All motor insurance policies come with a compulsory excess built in. An excess is the amount that an insurance company will withhold from any claim and which must be paid by the claimant. For example, if you are involved in an accident for which your insurance claim is £2,000 and your policy has an excess of £100, then the insurer will pay £1,900 towards settling the claim, and you will pay the remainder. more info…

Do I earn No Claims Bonus on a Motor Trade insurance policy?

No claims bonuses are rewards for not making a claim on an insurance policy. This means that over time premiums become cheaper, reflecting the lower risk associated with the driver. No claims bonuses are available to drivers in the motor trade just as they are with private insurance, though there are some differences. Motor trade insurance is available to dealers of new and used cars, mechanics, body shops, hire companies, accessory fitters and similar trades. more info…

How to remove a vehicle from mid database

The UK’s central source for storing car, van and motorcycle insurance details, is the Motor Insurance Database, or MID. It was introduced to get claims processed faster and assist in the fight against uninsured drivers and riders. It’s kept up to date by insurers, with information supplied by their policyholder. The database can be checked in the event of an incident to assist in establishing the relevant insurer. Government organisations and the police can also access the database to look up information and help prevent fraud. more info…

Road Risk Insurance Benefits and Restrictions

Road risk insurance is available to motor traders to cover both personal vehicles and vehicles in their possession for purposes of trade activity. The cover is only available to those individuals who are self-employed or who operate their own motor trade business either full or part time – for example car dealers, mechanics and anyone owning repair and maintenance businesses. In this blog we look at a number of key policy features and benefits, together with various restrictions. more info…

Do I need business premises to be eligible for motor trade insurance?

The motor trade covers everything from showrooms displaying the latest models behind plate glass windows, or vast yards filled with new and used cars, to small traders who work part time from their own homes, for sales, repairs and servicing. Insurance is equally important at both ends of the scale, but some traders might not be sure whether they are covered for their own or their customers’ vehicles if they do not own separate business premises as a place of work. more info…

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