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Fill up and go Petrol Pumps App

A new way of paying for your petrol has been unveiled at Shell service stations. “Fill Up and Go” offers motorists the ability to simply scan a code using Shell’s mobile phone app, and then fill up as usual – the fuel is then paid for directly through PayPal, meaning that motorists no longer need to either go into the shop to pay, or use their credit or debit card at the pump. more info…

Record Car Sales!

February 2016 was a terrific month for the UK motor trade, with an astonishing 8.4 percent growth in sales compared with the figure a year earlier. Consumer confidence has definitely returned after the Volkswagen (VW) emissions scandal of late 2015, with sales showing no sign of slowing down – indeed, the UK car market has been growing well for almost four years now, partly driven by competitive forecourt deals, and also by low interest rates. more info…

Is it the end of the traffic jam?

Drivers of electric and hybrid vehicles have always been able to enjoy a number of perks and privileges, including free charging in special bays, and free parking in some areas, like in the London Borough of Westminster. Ultra-low emission vehicles, or ULEVs, are exempt from central London’s congestion charge, and they are not taxed. An insurance policy on an electric vehicle is often cheaper than insuring a traditional car, too. more info…

New Electric Vehicle Testing Laboratory

The UK government has announced ambitious plans to make all new vans and cars emission free by 2040. Upwards of 600 million pounds will be spent over the next five years on the design and manufacture of ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs); this is expected to massively boost air quality in the medium and long term, and save some 65 million tonnes of carbon. A quarter of European electric vehicles are already built in the UK, and the government is keen to see this continue. more info…

More CO2 Scandal

The ongoing emissions scandal surrounding troubled German manufacturer Volkswagen (VW) shows no sign of abating. Indeed a recent investigation has highlighted what may be further evidence of a cover up within the industry. A wide range of Audi and Seat models, all of which form part of the wider VW Group, have had official fuel economy and carbon dioxide emissions figures revised, meaning that the cars have been classified as both less economical and higher emitting than previously stated. more info…

Roadworks rules to change!

We’ve all experienced the traffic chaos caused by roadworks, with long queues caused by lane closures and temporary traffic lights. It’s particularly frustrating when long term roadworks never seem to make any progress, or when drivers are directed to slow down or wait for a signal at a roadworks site where nobody is currently working, for instance at the weekend or after dark. more info…

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