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Top Online Tools for Motor Traders

The internet is a fantastic resource if you know where to find the information you need. And if you run your own motor trade business, it can be useful having a stockpile of online resources that you can turn to if you need a bit of advice.

We’ve had a scout around the internet for some of the best online tools to help you with your motor trade business – take a look and see which ones could help you.

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How Much Does Part-Time Motor Trade Insurance Cover?

If you rely on your part-time motor trade business for extra income, an incident you’re not covered for could cause significant financial damage. Part-time motor traders carry out the same work as those who work full-time so they should have the same level of insurance; having an adequate level of cover could help keep your business afloat in difficult circumstances.

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The Importance of Updating Your Motor Trade Insurance Policy

If you run a motor trade business, you’ll know how quickly circumstances can change. You could get new employees, install new equipment or expand your business, which would mean having more vehicles or members of the public on your premises at one time.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure your insurance broker is flexible and willing to make changes to your policy. As your priorities and circumstances change you’ll need to make amendments to your policy; this will ensure that you are fully protected at all times.

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How Does Motor Trade Insurance Affect my no Claims Bonus?

If you’re taking out a motor trade insurance policy, you’ll want to know how it affects your no claims bonus. A no claims bonus is a reward for not making a claim and gives the customer cheaper premiums for each year they go claim-free. If you have an accident and need to make a claim, you’ll lose your no claims bonus and your premiums will go up because you’re considered a higher risk.

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