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Motor Trade Insurance News

Overturning a parking ticket

There are few things more annoying for the motorist than returning to your car only to find a parking ticket tucked under the windscreen wiper. Most of us like to consider ourselves good, law abiding drivers, so it is a shock as well as an inconvenience to discover that we have apparently done something wrong. Millions of new and used cars receive parking tickets across the UK every year, on public roads and in car parks. Even vehicles on trade plates are not exempt and can be fined. It’s no wonder that motor trade magazines and websites are full of advice on how to contest your ticket. more info…

Who can save VW?

The ongoing diesel emissions scandal has prompted huge changes at Volkswagen. The German manufacturer was found to have knowingly published falsified emissions levels for some of its vehicles, prompting an enquiry and legal action. In the latest twist, its management board has been overhauled, in the biggest change to the company’s structure since it was founded in the 1930s. more info…

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