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How low will petrol prices fall in 2015?

2015 has seen fuel costs fall and rise again, not just in the UK but also further afield. Lower prices of both petrol and diesel at the beginning of the year can be attributed to the lower price of crude oil, with Brent crude oil hitting its lowest level in six years. Major supermarkets and local garages alike cut their prices in response, and it was reported that three West Midlands garages were even selling petrol at under 100 pence a litre, a price not seen for over five years. more info…

How the Budget affected UK motorists

A few weeks ago, Chancellor George Osborne unveiled the 2015 Budget. There were a number of important announcements for UK drivers and the motor trade industry in general, with several of the key points outlined in this article. There was also praise for the vehicle manufacturing industry as a whole and promise of aid for HGV firms and drivers. more info…

Motor trade tool insurance

For workers in the motor trade who are involved with repairing, collecting, or modifying vehicles, tools are an important and valuable business asset, perhaps the most important and valuable after business premises and the company vehicle. While items that are stored on business premises, may be covered by the company’s insurance policy, the same may not be true of equipment taken out on the road. more info…

When do I need commercial vehicle insurance?

Any van must be specifically insured using a commercial vehicle insurance policy if it is to be used for any purpose other than social, domestic and pleasure (SDP) use. Standard motor insurance, which covers car owners for commuting to work, does not extend to van owners unless they are strictly using their van for social or pleasure purposes and the vehicle is not engaged in business activity of any type. If your van is used solely for personal reasons, or for a non-profit hobby such as fishing or family transport, you may be able to be covered by a standard motor insurance policy. Even using a van to commute to a place of work requires a commercial policy. more info…

London Motor Show 2016

They may have had to wait for it, but come May 2016 motoring enthusiasts will have something to celebrate in the capital. The London Motor Show, due to take place in Battersea Park on the 5-8 May 2016, will showcase the latest innovations from international brands, together with an exciting range of interactive driving experiences. The show should appeal to a diverse community, from amateur fanatics to those working professionally in the motor trade. more info…

Tax bands for cars

By law, all new and used cars in the UK must have valid car tax, also known as Vehicle Excise Duty (VED). However, the level of taxation can vary widely from vehicle to vehicle, depending on how eco-friendly it is. Factors such as the level of carbon dioxide emissions and engine size play a large role in determining how your car is taxed and how much you must pay each year. Older vehicles (registered prior to March 2001) and newer vehicles (March 2001 onwards) are taxed according to different criteria, as explained below. more info…

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