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Insurance premium tax hits businesses

The July 2015 Budget was announced by David Cameron’s Conservative government shortly after the general election in May, and replaces the previous Budget introduced by the coalition government in March. Adjustments to spending in different sectors, and to tax rates, mean that some people will find themselves better off financially under the new Budget, while others will experience lower earnings. Every Budget has its winners and losers, and will produce at least a few changes that will have some sectors of the population protesting. more info…

The Google Car Road Tested

The way we travel in the future may be one step closer. Google have been given the go ahead to perform full road tests on their latest generation of robot cars. While the company has already tested various models, notably the modified Lexus SUV, this is the first time that a purpose-built autonomous vehicle will be allowed onto public roads. more info…

Motor Shows not to be missed

If the Goodwood Festival of Speed has given you an appetite for motor shows, here’s a guide to what else is on the calendar for car enthusiasts. Whether your interest is casual or professional, be sure to visit the trade stands for great offers on a brand new Sat-Nav to an insurance policy. You will find the latest new and used cars for sale, alongside futuristic concept cars and all the classic roadsters, you may even get to take to the driver’s seat yourself. more info…

Are trade plates covered by Unicom’s trade insurance?

In the UK, trade plates are an essential requirement for the motor trade. If you are a dealer in new and used cars, a manufacturer, a vehicle tester, for example at an MOT station or garage, if you repair or valet cars, or if you collect or deliver vehicles under their own power rather than on a trailer, you will need at least one, and probably several sets. more info…

How low will petrol prices fall in 2015?

2015 has seen fuel costs fall and rise again, not just in the UK but also further afield. Lower prices of both petrol and diesel at the beginning of the year can be attributed to the lower price of crude oil, with Brent crude oil hitting its lowest level in six years. Major supermarkets and local garages alike cut their prices in response, and it was reported that three West Midlands garages were even selling petrol at under 100 pence a litre, a price not seen for over five years. more info…

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