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Does Motor Trade Road Risks Insurance Allow you to Drive a car you do not own?

I need to drive a car that isn’t mine – can I do this under Road Risks Insurance?

There are several different scenarios you will encounter within the motor trade industry, but one case that is more likely to arise than others is having customer vehicles within your custody or control. With a motor trade road risks policy, you can guarantee cover to make sure you meet the minimum insurance requirements needed should this happen to you – with this policy also covering any vehicles in your ownership.
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Who can Drive Motor Trade Insured Cars?

To legally drive any vehicle on the UK public highway, you are required to have road risks insurance – and even test driving a vehicle over 100 yards, it is mandatory to have a policy.

With motor trader insurance, your road risks policy will provide coverage to yourself and your workers – allowing both parties to drive business-associated vehicles only; comprising customer cars as well as any personal vehicles as detailed in the policy.
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How can I get Part Time Motor Traders Insurance?

Am I eligible?

Whether you’re a part time motor trade industry worker or own your business on a part-time basis, a policy can be arranged whatever your interest – be it repairs, tyre and exhaust fitting or even car valet servicing.

From buying and selling cars to carrying out repairs during the weekends, it doesn’t matter what part time hours you work; a motor trade insurance policy provides essential coverage whatever your operations. Covering you to drive your own vehicles as well as those being tested and driven, you can also register the vehicles for the Motor Insurance Database (MID).
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How do I Update my Motor Trade Vehicles to the Motor Insurance Database?

What do I need to do to amend my Motor Insurance Database record?

Once you have your motor trade insurance policy, the first thing you will be required to do is provide your insurance broker or insurer with the relevant information regarding your vehicles – applying both to your own as well as stock motors. When arranging your motor trade insurance policy ensure you ask the relevant authority (insurance broker/insurer) how exactly you wish to display your vehicle information.

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What is Defined as Motor Trade Use?

Motor trade insurance is a particular type of insurance policy that provides coverage for anyone running a motor business – either on a full-time or part-time basis.

This provides coverage for UK companies, with businesses including car dealerships, commercial vehicles as well as motor traders. Specially developed to align with the policyholder’s specific requirements, this policy lets you choose the appropriate protection through expert advice as well as the relevant resources.
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How Does Motor Trade Insurance Excess Work?

How does motor trade insurance policy excess work?

Motor trade insurance covers a wide scope of different areas, including road risk and liability insurance. In the event that you need to make a claim on your own policy your insurers will request a contribution to the claim, which is known as an “Excess” – and is usually a set, agreed amount.
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Where Will my Vehicles get Coverage on a Motor Trade Road Risks Policy?

Your vehicles will be covered for damage or loss if on the road or parked for the duration of a journey/at the home address of either the policyholder or business partner, however, the majority of road risk insurance companies may exclude cover on or within 400 metres/1 kilometre radius or any motor trade premises.

Most insurers will not pay unless in the course of a journey, so it is important to check your insurance policy in full detail just in case. In relation to whether or not coverage can be provided for vehicles maintained at your motor trade business address, this can be done – but there are a variety of factors to consider.
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