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Motor Trade Insurance News

Insurance Price Cuts

The UK government has recently published a consultation paper to limit, or possibly even end the epidemic of whiplash claims. If these measures are passed into law, insurers have promised to pass on savings gained by capping the amount of money that can be claimed in whiplash injuries, resulting in an average saving of £40 each year for all forms of motor insurance, whether vehicles are private, commercial or on trade plates. more info…

Cars for Dog Owners

Dog owners are renowned for putting their pets first, and it comes as no surprise that this extends to the choice of new and used cars. Owners of larger dogs have some specific requirements which enable them to better care for their animals, both in transit and off-road; in this article we look at a number of the more popular cars and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) that frequently appear on these owners’ driveways. more info…

Traffic Congestion

A new report has revealed that drivers in the UK spend an average of 30 hours a year stuck in traffic. In London, Europe’s most congested city, the figure rises to 101 hours, while Greater Manchester is in second place with 51 hours. The report, by transport analytics organisation INRIX, places the UK sixth in Europe for traffic congestion, behind nations including Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands. more info…

How to import a vehicle into the United Kingdom (UK)

There are many reasons drivers import new and used cars into the UK. For some, it’s a model, colour scheme or features that aren’t available at home, or a classic car that turns up abroad. Vehicle owners moving to the UK for work or study may want to bring their own car, for convenience. When the exchange rate is favourable, importing can represent a bargain even with the extra time it takes to sort out the paperwork. more info…

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