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Motor Trade Insurance News

Motor Trade Insurance for Young Drivers – Min 23 years old

Unicom provide customised motor traders insurance for younger drivers, with prices that are more competitive than most. It can be extremely difficult for drivers under 25 to get affordable cover, particularly for the trade. Unlike many other brokers, we offer a fast insurance quote, a simple application procedure, plenty of customisation, and full levels of protection. more info…

Cut the cost of fuel by driving smart, not driving less

In the last decade, the cost of fuel has reached an all-time high and according to a report from the South West News Service (SWNS), a survey of 2000 drivers carried out by Continental Tyres showed that “31 per cent – the equivalent to 10 million nationwide – are considering ditching their car” as the weekly spend on fuel surpasses the cost of the weekly grocery bill.

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Shopping around for motor trade insurance

When it comes to renewing a personal car insurance policy, most drivers take the time to shop around for the best deal through an online comparison website or insurance broker. But when it comes to renewing a policy for a group of vehicles belonging to the motor trade, insurance policies which match the complexities of a business can be hard to find.
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What is Road Risks Insurance?

Every driver in the UK is required by law to have road risks insurance. It covers you for any accidents that occur whilst operating on public roads – without it, you could be banned from driving following an accident and potentially have to pay out thousands in compensation.

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