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Motor Traders – Know Your Limits

Even the world’s greatest drivers need to know when to leave the car keys on the side and dial for a cab instead. Calculating risk is all part of the motor trade, but this is a risk that’s never worth taking: driving under the influence is dangerous for you and other road users. But not everyone is completely clear on what the legal quantities are for driving after alcohol, so read on to make sure that you know your limits. more info…

Thefts from vehicles on the rise!

New research by the RAC indicates that vehicle thefts in the UK are on the rise again. Despite a gradual fall over the preceding decade, car thefts jumped by 30% in the three years to the end of 2016. In real terms, this reflects just under 86,000 thefts of new and used cars in 2016, according to numbers provided by 40 police forces in the UK. more info…

Vehicle Maintenance Guide

Each year thousands of motorists suffer breakdowns or incur unnecessary repair bills, many of which could be avoided with simple home maintenance. In this guide we list ten simple tasks that can reduce your chances of a breakdown or accident. All of these can be carried out by anyone without specialist motor trade experience. Note that we recommend you adhere to manufacturer guidelines on servicing of new and used cars, whether they’re driven on the roads or on trade plates, and have your vehicle checked by a professional annually. more info…

Importing cars to the UK and re-registering them – (IVA) Individual Vehicle Approval

Importing cars to the UK and re-registering them – Overview

There are a number of rules for anyone who’s considering bringing new and used cars into the UK on a permanent or semi-permanent basis. The key points are that HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) must be notified within 14 days of arrival, the vehicle should be registered and taxed, any relevant duties and VAT must be paid, and certain documentation must be obtained proving that each vehicle meets the correct safety regulations and environmental standards. It is also essential to obtain an insurance policy before driving an imported vehicle, whether publicly or on trade plates. more info…

How long will points stay on a driving licence

Endorsements and points on your licence typically remain there for several years; the longevity depends on the specific conviction and the severity of the offence. There are also additional rules to consider for newer drivers. Most motoring offences carry one of three different lengths of time for which penalty points are retained (“valid”) on your licence. more info…

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