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Charging up an Electric Car

More drivers of new and used cars are considering switching to an electric vehicle than ever before. The appeal includes low emissions and usually a reduced insurance policy, as well as the low cost of charging an electric battery compared to the cost of petrol or diesel. However, prospective and new owners often find the charging process a little confusing. more info…

Trade Guide to Buying a Hybrid Secondhand

When it comes to buying new and used cars, buyers are increasingly switching to more fuel efficient cleaner vehicles. Secondhand purchases of hybrids are certainly on the up, mainly thanks to the huge discounts you can secure compared with the cost of buying a new model. As with any purchase, it’s important to do your research before buying a hybrid vehicle, ensure to factor in things that are less applicable to conventional petrol or diesel vehicles. more info…

Driving Safely on Ice

Winter driving throws plenty of challenges at the motorist, from the dazzle of low sun to the perils of black ice. Because ice and snow are rare in the UK, we may not be as used to driving in these conditions compared to drivers from countries that regularly experience harsh winters. If you’re lucky, you might never need to drive in the worst kind of winter weather, but it’s still wise to be prepared in case you need to. more info…

Trade Guide to Changes to Insurance Write-offs

When it comes to buying new and used cars you will often see adverts offering cars that have been Cat C or D (amended to Cat S or N) insurance claims, or have been written off by insurers. This can set alarm bells ringing for some, in this article we will explain changes to some categories and how buying such a car can often be a cheaper alternative to many offers in the marketplace, possibly providing you with years of happy and safe motoring. more info…

Driving and towing with an A-frame

Motorhome drivers often take along an alternative mode of transport to use when they reach their destination, since a bulky motorhome isn’t the most practical vehicle for sightseeing trips or popping to the local shops. Bicycles and mopeds are popular choices but it’s increasingly common to see a motorhome towing a small car. more info…

Average Speed Cameras

When speed cameras were initially introduced to the UK, drivers of new and used cars soon learned to spot the cameras and road markings. Slowing down through areas covered by cameras breaks the flow of traffic, and can cause accidents when a car slows rapidly, which does little to discourage speeding and road safety. more info…

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