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Motor Trade Insurance FAQs

What is motor trade insurance?
You need insurance to protect your business vehicles and employees against claims if you work in the motor trade Industry. Our policy covers liability that may arise when driving a company’s or client’s car and during repairs and servicing. Even when you don’t carry out repairs or drive business vehicles, you need insurance to protect you from liability that arises from accidental damage.

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What’s Next for Petrol Prices in 2022

Motor trade industry organisation, the RAC, have warned motorists look to be on the receiving end as they fear petrol prices will not be coming down anytime soon! Fuel prices continued to rise recently despite falling wholesale costs globally, prompting the question on every motorists’ lips, where are petrol prices heading in 2022?

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Motorists Miss out on More Than £2 Million of Savings!

You probably missed out on saving money by sending your photocard driving licence application by post. Did you know that aside from the application being slower, it is more expensive than applying online? Official sources reveal that drivers who renewed their licence by post between April 2020 and March 2021 missed £2.3 million in savings. That is because 23% of the two million applications made to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) were sent through the post office.

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UK Motorists to be Banned from Using Mobile Devices

It has been reported that UK motorists will be banned from using their mobile devices while driving. The new law will come into force in the year 2022, and it is hoped that this change will help reduce accidents on British roads. Drivers who are caught using their phones could face a £200 fine or six penalty points, which would also lead to increased private and motor trade insurance costs!

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How To Safely Transport A Christmas Tree

It is time to get Christmas trees and hang decorations for the holiday season. If you purchase a real Christmas tree, you need to be prepared for the fun of transporting it. Bringing the tree home is like hauling any large object, and there is always a risk of it falling off during transit, plus it can also damage your car paint or interior.

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Prices Rise For Second-Hand Vehicles

Motorists already reeling from fuel shortages and potential performance issues with E10 petrol have just received a fresh alert from the motor trade industry about a global shortage of new vehicles, the cost of buying used cars is now increasing at “unprecedented rates” normally only seen in the housing market and with certain rare classic cars.

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How To Tow A Car Safely

For the motorist, a breakdown on an unfamiliar road – at night and in poor weather – is one of the worst of all nightmares. A time when many of us desperately try to remember where we might have put the contact number for our breakdown recovery insurance. Or in some cases, a time of blind panic when we realise we don’t even have a breakdown insurance policy!

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Reasons for Vehicle Juddering

Any new vibration, jerk, or noise emanating from your vehicle, whether accompanied by a warning light on your dashboard or not, can be very disconcerting for drivers and the passengers. Consistent sputtering movements can be particularly alarming as they may indicate a huge risk so it is extremely important to diagnose the problem right away using a motor trade expert.

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