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Hydrogen Powered Cars

For over a decade, scientists have been predicting that the future of the motor trade lies in hydrogen powered vehicles. The future has now moved a little closer, with several models of hydrogen car available for purchase in the UK, but the technology is still in its early stages. more info…

Insurance Cap for Young Drivers?

When it comes to buying an insurance policy, the group having to fork out the most dosh is the same group unlikely to have cash to spare: young drivers. Now a petition has been submitted to the UK government, urging them to cap the cost of policies for 18 to 25 year olds at a maximum of £1200 a year. more info…

Do you tell the DVLA about changing address?

When you have a car there are so many forms to fill in, and can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. One common problem with new and used cars whether purchased privately, or from the motor trade, is what to do if you move home. Many individuals do not know they need to notify the DVLA about a change of address. Below we explain why this is important, and the process for informing the DVLA about any change of address. more info…

Being stopped by the police and your driving rights

Every day, hundreds of drivers of new and used cars across the UK are stopped by the police.
Being pulled over is never a pleasant experience. Our reaction is usually to wonder what we have done wrong, and panic a little. Sometimes we become angry or defensive when talking to the police, especially if an important journey has been interrupted. Understanding your rights and obligations when stopped can help you keep your cool and deal with the situation calmly. more info…

Medical conditions notifiable to the DVLA

Driving is an area of huge responsibility in life: keeping to the speed limit, ensuring your vehicle is roadworthy (this applies to both new and used cars), and having a valid insurance policy are just some of the critical criteria of safe driving. One other factor you mustn’t take for granted is your health, and whether than impacts on your abilities as a driver. The DVLA has a list of conditions which if you suffer from, by law, you must notify them of. more info…

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