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Motor Trade Insurance News

The Highway Code

A new RAC report warns that the Highway Code, regarded by many as the ‘driver’s bible’, is due for an update. Previously such updates have tended to signal watershed moments in our motoring history where new laws, technologies and much more have drastically changed how we’re all expected to drive.

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UK Councils Handed Powers to Fine Motorists

All councils in England and Wales will soon be handed powers to fine motorists up to £70 for traffic offences as new road enforcement powers come in to place from December 2021, the Department for Transport (DfT) has confirmed. London and Cardiff already have powers to enforce moving traffic offences, a responsibility normally carried out by the police using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras.

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Summer 2021 Fuel Prices In The U.K

The pandemic appears to have had a mixed impact on motoring costs: Supply issues are pushing up new and used vehicle prices, while large-scale home working has reduced vehicle use and cut motor claims, thus lowering the cost of an insurance policy. Though this is welcome news for private motorists and perhaps those currently looking at their motor trade insurance cover, trying to predict how all this might affect fuel prices remains far from clear.

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New Car Sales Figures Spring 2021 Up!

The impact of this unprecedented global coronavirus pandemic continues to distort planning, predictions, and expectations in the motor trade just as it has done in many other industries. UK showrooms were essentially closed until May 2021, while lockdown, homeworking and furlough arrangements have left many motorists with more disposable income than anticipated.

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F1 Season 2021

All eyes from the motor trade industry will be glued to the new Formula 1 season, which is the 72nd running of Formula 1 and now well underway. Lewis Hamilton won the opening round of the campaign which took place in Bahrain, below are some of the things you need to know about the significant changes and reasons to be excited about this new season and what is still to come.

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