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Parking Under Street Light Increases Vehicle Theft

Finding the best parking spots can be challenging but parking your vehicle under a streetlight is a costly oversight. You would think that shining a spotlight on your vehicle keeps it safe, unfortunately, studies show lighting increases the chances of theft rather than boosting security.

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Traffic Wardens – What You Need to Know

With soaring fuel costs, road tax, and increasing insurance policy premiums for private and motor trader drivers, it’s hardly surprising many motorists of new and used cars show little patience when it comes to parking fines, even less so when actually cornered by a traffic warden issuing a PCN (penalty charge notice).

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The Cost of Parking at Work

According to a newspaper report, another so-called “green” levy pulled from the hat by a dozen or so UK city councils is likely to have working motorists turning purple with rage. In a nutshell, it seems many local planners believe now is the time to introduce workplace parking charges which could amount to as much as £1,000 per year for each parking space.

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Motor Insurance Pricing Changes

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) brought in new regulations in January 2022 to end the practice known as “price-walking”. Many loyal customers faced increasing insurance policy premiums each year while new customers were often rewarded with a discount or special pricing. Under the new guidelines this is no longer permitted.

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